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Into the Wild

No description

Kyle Manning

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of Into the Wild

Into the Wild
by Jon Krakauer

1990 - 1991
1992 - Christopher's final Odessy
Christopher's Odessey & Its Conclusion
May 1992 - August 1992

In May 12 1990 - Christopher Johnson McCandless becomes a
graduate from Emory University

July 06, 1990 - Christopher drives to Mead Lake in Nevade inorder to camp out in
the desert for a few days

July 10, 1990 - Eventually, a flash flood drowns the engine of his 82 Datsun, forcing
him to abandon it along with almost all his possessions in the car
- In August, Christopher's parents started to worry and drove down to find his appartment empty and all the letters they had sent sitting at home
In August 10, 1990; Christopher recieved a ticket for hitch hiking in Willow Creek, California which was sent to his parents address. When they recieved this, they became even more worried because Christopher owend a 1982 Datsun that he loved.
September of 1990;
- Christopher is picked up by Wayne Westerberg
(Sept. 06, 1990)

- Wayne Westerberg offered Christopher a job at his grain elevator but after a month with no work he decides to move on

October of 1990;
- Christopher arrived in Needles, California and hiked through the Californian desert until he reached Arizona where he purchased a second-hand canoe from a garage sale

- Spent the rest of October navigating and paddleing down towards Mexico
December of 1990 -
- Chistopher reached the Morelos Dam and paddles over the Mexican border
- After paddleing for two weeks, Christopher pulls the canoe onto a beach where he camps out for ten days
- Due to heavy winds; Christopher is forced into a cave
1991 - 1992
January of 1991 -
- After ten days of living in the cave, Christopher returns to his canoe and tries to paddle back to America but is caught in a storm that almost claims his life

- He then decides to abandon his canoe and walk along the coast line towards America

- Christopher finally reaches the Mexican border but fails to cross without immagration arresting him. He spends the night in jail and after questioning, he is released into America at the lost of his 45. revovler pistol.

- Once over the border back in America, Christopher starts making his way towards the pacific coast

Febuary of 1991 -
- Finding himself low on cash, Christopher travels to Los Angelese where he obtains an I.D. and a job however finding that life in the city did not suit him well so he moved on

- He lives with a young German couple in the bottom of the Grand Canyon

- After a two weeks, Christopher travels back to Mead Lake, Nevada, where he abandoned his 82 Datsun, to dig up some of his possessions he had buried.

March to May of 1991 -
- Christopher travels to Las Vegas

- Living his life as a homeless person

- After living in Las Vegas for two months, Christopher decides its time for him to move on so he digs up his back pack and heads north
July to August of 1991 -
- Christopher finds himself on the Oregonian coast and decides to settle down for about three months

- Oregon weather, which is rainy and foggy, is much different from the dry, sunny weather Christopher had become used to. He finds Oregon weather displeasing to him

- He sends a post card to Jan Burres about how much he disliked the weather

September of 1991 -
- Christopher decides it is time to move on from Oregon and hitches down Highway 101 along the Oregon/ Californian Coastline until he entered California again

- He hikes out into the desert and hangs out there for a couple weeks
October to November of 1991 -
- Christopher travels from the Californian desert to Bullhead City, Arizona where he gets a job at the McDonald's.

- He manages to aquire a empty trailer that he can live in while he works

- After two months of work, he decides he has enough money to get by and that he has to move on from this city

This the post card that Christopher sent to Jan
Burres in December of 1991
January of 1992 -
- Christopher meets a man named Ronald Franz while he is visting California's "Salton Sea"

Febuary of 1991 -
- Ronald Franz drops Christopher off at the San Diego waterfront

- Christopher stays in San Diego for the rest of Febuary.
March of 1992 -
- Ronald Franz recieves a call from Christopher in Coachella, California asking him to give him a lift to his house where he spends the night. The next morning, Ronald drove Christopher to Grand Junction in Colorado.

- Christopher manage to land himselve a job at a grain elevator owned by Wayne Westernberg in Carthage, South Dakota

- Now that Christopher has a job set in place, he begins making his way to his final adventure or "Odessey" as he said it.

April of 1992 -
- Christopher has crossed the Canadain/ American Border.

- He makes a stop at Liard Hot Springs were he stayed for two days till he caught a ride

- Seeing Christopher on the side of the highway, Jim Gallien picks him up and drives him to the beginning of the Stampede Trail.
After hiking 40 miles in on the Stampede Trail, Christopher comes to an old workers bus that was abandoned. He claims it as home for the next few months
The only fire arm that Christopher brought with him to shoot food and

protect himself from predators like wolves, bears, etc was a Remington 22.

rifle which was only powerful enough to kill small game like rabbits,

foxes and porcupines. Shown in the picture is probably his first porcupine

kill with his rifle.
In Alaska, you always make the most of every oppurtunity.

Well, Christopher failed to do this. After killing this moose;

he allowed the moose meat to spoil because of the guilt he

felt towards taking its life. This moose could have been the

key factor of whether he walked out of the Alaska

wilderness alive or not.
August of 1992 -
As the months passed and summer was coming to an end,

Christopher found that it had become harder and harder to find food

sources. To replace what he did not have for food meat wise, he ate

wild plants as often as possible with the help of an edible plants

survival guide. However, he started to become weaker and weaker,

the though of death appeared in his mind. When he became to weak

to self rescue himself, he created an S.O.S (picture on the left) for

anyone that happen to visiting the bus. In September of 1992, a pair of

moose hunters stumbled apon the bus along with Christopher's dead

body wrapped in his blue sleeping bag. As a monument to

Christopher's memory; his parents had a plaque placed inside the bus

(picture to right).
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