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I Believe

No description

Samantha Stanfield

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of I Believe

I Believe. Being Best friends is more than knowing
Everything about a person or spending everyday together,
It is an unbreakable bond of trust and love.

In a fathers love. That purple,
Is the best color in the world. And the best memories
Are those which you are completely unprepared for.
In my horoscope.
That people suck.
And love hurts, even the good kind.
I am constantly changing and future
Samantha is way cooler than me
I Believe. Sometimes things just dont work out.
College is the best, time of your life.
And Guy’s are more dramatic than girls.
Texting someone anything monumental is cowardice
Everyone deserves forgiveness,
Once. And Croc’s should be banned.
Music is love. A sunny day should never be wasted
In a classroom. And, It takes more strength
To walk away than to stay where you are.
Alcohol is never an excuse. That having an iPhone
Would significantly improve my life. And being hurt
With the truth is better than being soothed with lies.
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