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hi!i am going to talk about halo3.Enjoy!

Jack Spitzer

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of HALO3

halo3 summary Hi! i am going to talk about a game called Halo3. The halo3 multiplayer is very fun.I have played it until halo:Reach came out.I have a video that shows you the way you would play Halo3. halo3 multiplayer The halo3 campaign is the best thing I ever played.It is about a person in a super suit called a spartan.The person is named john.His code name was JOHN117.He fights aliens for his life.He was fighting aliens for 10 years now.That is a lot of years fighting! halo3 campaign part1 Halo3 is the best game I ever played.When I am just plain bored I play other games like mass effect3,call of duty m.w3,or halo c.e anniversary.But other than playing online,I play campaign. halo3 campaign part2 I love halo3`s campaign.I think you would too,but hey,a video could always help! halo3 campaign part3 I think you would like that video,tell me in the comments! halo3`s armory halo3`s armory is really cool.You can customize your online spartan.You can change your color too.I`ve found a video on youtube for you guys.Enjoy! I hope you liked the video.Make sure you comment about my video.BYE! the end? watch my new prezi HALO2! LOL TTYL ROFL
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