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Kids & Screens:

No description

Community Technology Center

on 30 December 2015

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Transcript of Kids & Screens:

Kids & Screens:
early literacy and technology

What does the research say?
Rule of Two:
Under 2: No screentime is best!
Over 2: 2 hours or less!
What qualifies as a screen?
Emotional, social and attention problems.
Increased connection to peers and society.

What is Screentime?

Digital Literacy
What's an app?
Find Compromise
Set time limits.
Make a Media Agreement
Check in frequently- with your eyes and voice.
Set some rules and stick to 'em.
Does this media portray characteristics that I want my kid to mimic?
Is my kid engaged in making or doing something?
(or are they just zoning out)?
Does this seem boring to me but my kid is totally into it?
This not That
remember: put down
now let's play!
Seratonin v. Cortisol
Disengagement with with world, lower learning abilities.
Health problems.
Digital Literacy.
They learn stuff!
Why do we give our children screen time in the first place?
...and if we're gonna, how can we do it best?
What's appropriate behavior and mood during and after watching something?
Playing games with your kid
Your kids playing by themselves.
Apps that read to your kid.
Looking at family photos and home videos.
Watching stuff that doesn't feature your family and friends.
and now...
your presenters will make fools out of themselves.

How do I use this thing?
How do I find what I need on the internet?
How do I know I can trust the information I'm seeing?
A presentation by Lauren Dennis (Early Literacy Department) and Simone Groene-Nieto (Community Technology Center)
2015, 2016
ok it's a guideline
Let's begin with a chat.
What have you heard about kids & screens?
Some best practices
*pick educational content

*engage with your kids while they watch or play.
(better yet, watch and play WITH THEM)

*when they come up, explain to your kids the difference between ads & content
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