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Recycle Paper

No description

Erik Eykel

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Recycle Paper

The Origins Recycle Household Items The First Step Step Two Results The Easy Way Out Common Items That Can Be Recycled: Recycle Paper Make others aware of recycling! The steps for a cleaner planet The Problem Newspapers
Junk Mail
Printer Paper
Wrapping Paper
Paper Egg Cartons Things Not to Recycle Recycling is Good, But Some Things Cannot Be Recycled For example:

Pizza Boxes
Paper Towels
shredded Paper
Wax, Plastic or, Foil Coated Paper Look Cardboard in the Garbage! The problem is that to many people today are throwing recyclable items in the garbage. Everyday each American produces 4.3 lbs of trash a day! Yikes! That means as a country we dispose of 1,339,845,243.1 lbs of garbage per day! Can you imagine the amount of trash we throw away in a year?!

However you can make a difference! + Whatever A little bit
won't hurt. = One of the first things you can do is start being aware of the need of recycling paper. Instead of thinking: I'll just throw away... I'll throw away this old Seattle Times. Think: Well I can recycle this old newspaper and help the environment! I should recycle this... From My House to Yours Re-think: Reuse Reduce Recycle It all starts in the mind. You have to think about how you are going to achieve before you go out and do it! Reuse useful household items, for example if you have an old yogurt bin use it as a lunch container. Don't be ashamed be proud, you are helping the environment! Instead of throwing this away I can use it as an... Helping the environment one newspaper at a time! Reduce the quantity of things you buy; only buy what you need. This is how you can help our planet! Egg Cartons
Wrapping Paper
Junk Mail
Printer Paper By Erik Eykel, Ashley Nelson, and Cole Spengler
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