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Greek Gods

No description

Keonte Kendrick

on 26 January 2015

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Transcript of Greek Gods

Greek Gods
Zeus ( Jupiter )
The ruler of the sky and heavens, Zeus is the king of the gods.

Zeus is the younger brother of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. In order
Zeus is player. He "fell in love" with with women after women. each time he appeared in some emaculant manner.
One of his famous shapes was beautiful white bull.
Zeus' animal is the Eagle, which is considered the king of birds. His most famous weapon is the lightning bolt. The secret passed to him by the Cyclops.
Hades ( Pluto )
King of the dead. Not Death its self. He is also the God of Wealth for the earth has plenty of fortunes.
Hera (Juno)
Athena (Minerva)
Aphrodite (Venus)
Artemis (Diana)
The Olympians
Family Tree
This is it. The conclusion to my prezi.
Though Hades was one of the original gods, he was not one of the 12 Olympians. Hades was always bitter about this, which led to him becoming one of the most feared gods around.
Hades most famous story is probably the story of Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. Also known as his wife. Hades literally stole Persephone as his bride.
The Queen of the Gods. Hera is the sister/wife of Zeus. Hera is the goddess of marriage and married women.
Hera was a wrathful wife. She constantly disaproving of her husband's many affairs. She would normally punish the women involved
The daughter of Zeus, Athena had no mother. She was born straight out of Zeus' head full grown with armor on.
Athena is the goddess of wisdom and battle. Her tree is the Olive tree and her animal is the Owl.
The Goddess of Beauty. Aphrodite isn't just any old god. She is the oldest around. She was born from the blood of Uranus, father of the Titans and grandfather of the Gods. So she is as old as the Titans.
Aphrodite is married to the god of forgery Hephaestus, but is known for her forever long affair with the god of war Aries, even bearing him two sons, Phoebe and Demos.
The twin sister of Apollo, Artemis is the goddess of the Hunt, wildlife, and virginity. She is associated with moon.
One of Artemis' most famous stories is the story of Orion the Hunter, and how she tricked by her brother, Apollo, into slaying her friend unintentionally.
Zeus' animal is the Eagle and his tree is the Oak.
His tree is the Cyprus, and his animal is the Screeching Owl and Cerberus.
Her sacred animal was the Peacock and Cow
Her tree is the Myrtle and animal is the Dove and Swan
Her tree is the Cyprus, like Hades, and her animal is the Deer.
This was only half of the 12 Olympians. There is still Hermes, Hephaestus, Poseidon, Aries, Apollo, and Dionysus.
The only god to step of the group of Olympians, is the goddess Hestia. She stepped of for the god Dionysus.
The original six gods are all the children of Rhea and Kronos. All the other Olympians are the children of either Zeus, Hera, or both. Aphrodite is the exception as she is the child of Uranus. So she is really the aunt of the original six.
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