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A Leader's Framework for Decision Making


Anahit Damlamanyan

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of A Leader's Framework for Decision Making

by David J. Snowden and Mary E. Boone A Leader's Framework for Decision Making A Leaders Guide Complex Context:
Domain of Emergence "Good leadership requires openness to change on an individual level. Truly adept leaders will know not only how to identify the context they're working on... but also how to change their behavior and their decisions to match the context" (8). Chaotic Context:
Domain of Rapid Response Act, Sense, respond
Look for what it works
Take immediate actions
Provide clear, direct communication Simple Context:
Domain of Best Practice Principles of Science Sense, analyze, respond
Create panels of experts
Listen to conflicting advice Probe, sense, respond
Create environments and experiments that allow patterns to emerge
Increase levels of interaction and communication
Use methods that can help generate ideas Leadership Across Contexts Complicated Context:
Domain of Experts Sense, Categorize, Respond
Ensure proper process are in place
No Assumptions
Recognize both the value and the limitations Simple
Disorder Cynefin Framework (pronounced Ku-nev-in) is a Welsh word that signifies the multiple factors and our experience that influence us in ways we can never understand.
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