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Zebulon Pike

No description

Alexa Kolesiak

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Zebulon Pike

Zebulon Pike Early Years 1805-1806 Expedition 1806-1807 Expedition Pikes Peak Born in: Somerset County, New Jersey in the village of Lamberton
Born on: January 5, 1779
He grew to adulthood with his family in the modern-day areas of Ohio & Illinois
Became a cadet at age 15
In the same year he became a first lieutenant He mistakenly discovered Red Cedar Lake (now Cass Lake)
He was a U.S. Army Officer
He led an exploring party in search of the Mississippi River
He explored the headwaters of the Mississippi River
He reached Leech Lake which he claimed as the main source of the Mississippi River He was sent to explore the headwaters of the Arkanasas and Red Rivers
He went up the Arkansas River to the site fo Pueblo, Colorado
He went to the Rio Grande
He was taken into custody by the Spanish
They finally released him at the border of the Louisiana Territory 14,110 ft. high
In Central Colorado
In the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains
Location on the edge of the Great Plains
At its eastern base is Colorado Springs By: Alexa Kolesiak
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