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John Leski

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Ethics

•Misreporting hours worked.

•Taking credit for the work of others.

•Theft or falsifying financial statements.

•Treating others unfairly.

•Accepting gifts or other items that might cloud one’s objectivity.

•Getting too personal with any colleague or superior in a professional setup.

•Violating one’s confidentiality obligation to the organization.

•Using sensitive company information for personal gain including insider trading.

•Misrepresentation of data, knowingly or unknowingly, or failing to report such misrepresentation by other employees.

•Failing to disclose all the information the public has a right to know. Common Workplace Ethical Issues Workplace Ethics
& Leadership - Answer the question: "What is workplace ethics?"
- Recognize common workplace ethics issues
- Reflect on your own ethical views
- Understand how ethics affect leadership
- Understand how positive workplace ethics guidelines create a productive culture Today's Objectives A system of moral principles and how they affect one's conduct What Are Ethics? Behaviors of High Trust Leaders - Talk Straight
- Demonstrate Respect
- Create Transparency
- Right Wrongs
- Show Loyalty
- Deliver Results
- Get Better - Confront Reality
- Clarify Expectations
- Practice Accountability
- Listen First
- Keep Commitments
- Extend Trust Partner Discussion:
What other workplace ethics issues have you encountered
(Please refrain from any personal-identification or names) Source: Leadership: Great Leaders, Great Teams, Great Results - Franklin Covey Our views, reactions, and behaviors towards:
Our employees
Our co-workers (peers)
Our boss
Our customers
The Oneida Tribe Professional Ethics Affect… Activity

Divide into 5 groups:
How do professional ethics affect
1. Our employees
2. Our co-workers (peers)
3. Our boss
4. Our customers
5. The Oneida Tribe TRUST Question:
What defines an 'ethical culture in the workplace?' Joseph L. Miller, Doctoral Student at Florida State University pursuing studies in Educational Leadership Aug 21, 2007 Dependability and proper attitudes
were ranked highest in a recent study.

Cognitive and psychomotor skills may not be as important for job survival as is positive work ethics and values. Value of Work Ethics Chronic Organizational Problems

Problem # 7:
No self-integrity: values do not
equal habits; there is no
correlation between what I value
and believe and what I do. Breaktime
5 Minutes How can you rebuild trust
after setbacks? The Ritz Carlton Basic 20 ONEIDA BINGO & CASINO CAGE/VAULT DEPARTMENT
GUIDELINES Common Excuses…

“Everybody else does it!”
“The boss does it.”
“No one will know.”
“They will never miss it.”
“I’m entitled to it” Unethical or “Fuzzy” Decisions Thank you!
Please Complete Evaluations!
Have a Great Day! Workplace Ethics: Codes of conduct that influence the development of an ethical culture in the workplace Question:
What are examples of how
ethics govern conduct? The Leadership Challenge Leadership is not about personality; it’s about behavior—an observable
set of skills and abilities. The Five Practices of Exemplary Leadership®
- Model the way
- Inspire a shared vision
- Challenge the process
- Enable others to act
- Encourage the heart http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/About-section-Our-Approach.aspx http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/About-section-Our-Approach.aspx http://values-based-leadership.institute.royalroads.ca/values-in-action-blog/trust-factor Our Goal:

Raise employee consciousness as to the
importance of their choices at work,
in terms of their actions, in order to
enhance the culture of trust and teamwork. Our Goal:
To ensure employees are conscious
of the importance of their decisions
and actions in the workplace, in order
to enhance an environment of trust
and teamwork Ethical Performance
Issues Who would you vote for?

A: Associates with crooked politicians,
consults with astrologers, has had two
mistresses, chain smokes, and drinks up
to 10 martinis a day.
B: Ejected from office twice, sleeps til noon,
used opium in college, and drinks a large
amount of whiskey every evening.
c: Decorated war hero, vegetarian, doesn't
smoke, drinks an occasional beer, and
hasn't had any extra-marital affairs.
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