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Impressionism Art movement

No description

Terence Choy

on 18 March 2013

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Transcript of Impressionism Art movement

Terence, Anica, George, Ruby Impressionism Background Information Blurry
Often sketched outdoor
Creates art in motion
It captures
a normal moment of life
flickering of light
moving clouds
a burst of rain What is Impressionism art like? 1840-1926
Founder of French impressionist
Impression, Sunrise
First impressionist exhibition Claude Monet Realism The rise of technology How and why did the revolution start? 19th centuries ( around 1870 to 1880)
Paris, France
Claude Monet
Louis Leroy After Impressionism Man vs Technology Horse and train
Alex Colville 1954 Rain steam, and speed
Joseph Mallord William Turner 1844 Impression Sunrise -Break traditional rules
-ordinary scenes from everyday life
-avoid the use of dark colors
-loosened brushwork
-Pointillism After Impressionism - Post Impressionism - Utilized outdoor sunlight and indoor light - Colors can be independent Camille Pissarro Landscape at Pontoise. Tries to capture a mood or movement

A bit blurry
Busy feeling
Does not capture a feeling like a expressionism Louis Leroy Impressionism
Painters French
Group of painters from 1847 exhibition,where sunrise was exhibited, the |mpressionism Painting By Claude Monet View of this painting
Le Havre harbor in France Important painting
Deride the exhibition Thanks - Independent Color Haystacks by Claude Monet Rain, Steam and Speed
Joseph Mallord William Turner 1844 - Shadows Painted. Man vs Technology Advancement of technology Horse and Train
Alex Colville 1954 - Returned London - 1460 of 1500 artwork Destroyed. - "The Father of Impressionism" - Pure Impressionist. -Germany, France, 1890
-solid haystack
-25 haystack pieces (all the same haystacks)
-atmospheric influences: overall color
-Purpose: show the haystacks in the field after the harvest season
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