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Depth and Complexity Icons

No description

Jen Redding

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Depth and Complexity Icons

This icon means the cause of changes.
reason for a change in behavior
differences and what caused them
Language of the Discipline
This icon means the vocabulary that is important to the topic.
special phrases
important tools or materials
key places or people
This icon means the parts or attributes of an object or idea.
words about appearance
specific information about what make something different.
What are the details when thinking about monkeys?
Before we get started, I need everyone in the room to think of monkeys. I know that's silly, but you'll understand in a minute..
Depth and Complexity Icons
We have been analyzing and discussing icons. Icons are pictures or images that represent something more.
Today, we will revisit our icons and learn what each image really represents. Feel free to take notes, because you will be utilizing what you learn for the next month.
What's the language of the discipline when thinking about monkeys?
This icon means the patterns or repeating aspects of an object or idea.
repeated events
predictions based up on past
What are the patterns when
thinking about monkeys?

What are the trends when
thinking about monkeys?
This icon means the structure or order that keeps things working together.
people in charge
How things are classified or organized
What causes the order of behavior?
reasons that things happen the way that they do
What are the
rules when
thinking about monkeys?
Unanswered Questions
This icon means the missing information or unclear thoughts.
What are you still wondering?
What questions do you have that you cannot locate the answer to?
What unanswered questions do you have about monkeys?
This icon refers to the dilemmas or controversial issues related to the topic.
right vs. wrong
fair and unfair
pros and cons
differing opinions
What ethical issues are involved when considering monkeys?
Big Idea
This icon means to determine a statement that relates to all information presented.
main idea
draw a conclusion based upon evidence
Read the article in front of you about monkeys.

What is the big idea?
Across the Disciplines
This icon means to relate the topic or information to other academic studies
relate the topic to a specific math skill
connect something about the topic to what you've studied in science
How can you connect what you learned in that article to another discipline?
Changes Over Time
This icon means to determine how things are related in terms of past, present and future.
creating a timeline
examining change over a number of days, weeks, or years
How have monkeys, or topics related to monkeys, changed over time?
Different Perspectives
This icon means to consider how different people view the same event or idea.
opposing viewpoints
How would different individuals view monkeys and/or topics related to them?
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