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Managing Change

No description

Sue Hook

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Managing Change

Welcome to
Change AGENDA Process of Change
Change Curve
Change During Growth
Mergers & Acquisitions
Restructuring & Redundancies
Engaging the Team Business as usual
Keeping key staff
Loosing staff
Merging Cultures
Due Diligence
TUPE Mergers & Acquisitions Plan for the changes
Advance warning
Calculate Costs - Redundancy, notice
Consultation with Staff
Up to 19 staff - no set time period
Between 20-98 - 30 days
Over 99 - 90 days
Notify the Secretary of State
Alternative Employment
Fair Selection Restructuring & Redundancies Kotter's 8-Step Change Model 1. Create Urgency
2. Form a Powerful Coalition
3. Create a Vision for Change
4. Communicate the Vision
5. Remove Obstacles
6. Create Short-term Wins
7. Build on the Change
8. Anchor the Changes in Corporate Culture People don’t resist change. Growth Plans STRATEGY Psychological Contract Were the Promises Kept? 1 in 8 employees said promises had been broken 66% blamed senior managers
22% stated incompetence
22% felt deliberately misled Majority believed change made things better! ...'mutual obligations towards each other ... Psychological Contract
Model HR Strategy integrated with your business strategy Organisation Design HR Metrics
Health & Well Being
Training & Development
Performance Sharing the Vision
Attracting key staff
Talent management
Job Changes/Restructuring
Help or Hinder? TUPE 'Economic Entity'
Staff automatically transfer
Staff can refuse to transfer
Keep T & C's (Except pensions)
Cannot change T & C's
Automatically unfair dismissal TUPE Inform & consult staff
(both incoming & outgoing)
Employee liability information
Economic, Technical or Organisational(ETO) dismissals allowable How long does TUPE last? 'Survivor Syndrome'
Attitudes, Beliefs & Values
Clear roles & responsibilities
Aspirations, training, appraisals
Team Building Engaging the Team Sapience HR Tel: 0845 602 1453




Facebook.com/SapienceHR 1.Processes & activities
3.Systems & tools
4.Jobs & structure
5.Assess & select talent Mission & Values
Workforce, talent & Succession Plans
Terms & Conditions
Employment Packages
Recruitment & Retention People resist being changed! Identify critical Roles
Define your talent
Assess talent
Assessment Centre
Competency framework Behaviours Company Culture
So What?
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