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No description

Maarten Dijkhuizen

on 24 March 2015

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Transcript of PUBQUIZ

Pub Quiz
Knowledge is power
General knowledge
Stuff you may know, but which is unlikely to come up during an interrogation....
Christmas knowledge
Deck the halls with piles of wisdom...
Back to Reality!
Concerning modern film, music and much, much more...

Because, let's be honest, you don't really care about what I'm into...

Joy to the world!
The quiz has come...

Entomology is the science that studies

A. Behavior of human beings
B. Insects
C. The origin and history of technical and scientific terms
D. The formation of rocks
For which of the following disciplines is the Nobel Prize awarded?

A. Physics and Chemistry
B. Physiology or Medicine
C. Literature, Peace and Economics
D. All of the above
Match the unit with its scientific name

A. temperature 1. Beaufort
B. pressure 2. Ampere
C. energy 3. Kelvin
D. heat 4. Joule
E. electric current 5. Scoville
F. wind 6. Bar
Modern football is said to have evolved from

A. England
B. India
C. France
D. Spain
Of the following foods, which one is the best source of protein?

A. Butter
B. Fish
C. Lettuce
D. Milk
Which of the following are NOT part of Santa's reindeer troupe.

1. Dasher 6. Vixen
2. Dixen 7. Donner
3. Dancer 8. Blitzen
4. Piston 9. Cupid
5. Prancer 10. Comet
Question 2
Which of the following is the traditional Christmas pudding?

1. 3.

2. 4.
Where can you find the world's biggest Christmas tree?

A. Delft
B. IJsselstein
C. Lochem
D. Valkenburg
In the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" gifts are given in accordance with the amount of days from Christmas day onwards...
It goes like this:
'On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
A partridge in a pear tree'
'On the second day of Christmas my true love gave to me:
two turtledoves and a partridge in a pear tree'
And so on...always counting back to 'a partridge in a pear tree.'

What do think is given on the following days of Christmas?

1. the third day A. Calling birds
2. the fourth day B. French hens
3. the fifth day C. Golden rings

What's the thing at the top of a Christmas tree called in English?

A. Pinnacle
B. Star
C. Tree topper
D. Peak
Question 1
Name the following 90's cartoon characters
Question 2
Name the following 90's - early 00's artists/bands
Question 3
Name the game
Question 4
Name the film
Question 1
Name the song and artist
Question 2
Whose lyrics? What Song?
"Want misschien
Ga jij degene zijn die mij redt
En uiteindelijk
Ben jij mijn wondermuur"
"Is dit het echte leven?
Is dit gewoon fantasie?
Gevangen in een aardverschuiving,
Geen vlucht uit de werkelijkheid.
Open je ogen, kijk omhoog naar de hemel en zie,
Ik ben maar een arme jongen, ik hoef geen medelijden ,
Omdat ik gemakkelijk kom, gemakkelijk ga, beetje hoog, beetje laag,
Welke kant de wind ook waait is niet echt belangrijk voor mij,
Voor mij."
Need a laugh?
Google translate
"Gisteren leken al mijn problemen zo ver weg
Nu lijkt het alsof ze zijn hier om te blijven
Oh, ik geloof in gisteren

Plotseling hangt er een schaduw over mij
Ik ben niet de helft van de man die ik vroeger was
Oh, gisteren kwam plotseling."
"Wij hebben geen onderwijs nodig
We hebben geen gedachte controle nodig
Geen donker sarcasme in het lokaal
Leraren, laat die kinderen met rust
Hee! Leraren! Laat die kinderen met rust!
Al met al is het gewoon een andere baksteen in de muur.
Al met al ben je gewoon een andere baksteen in de muur."
"Spreek niet,
Ik weet precies wat je zegt
Dus hou op met uitleggen
Vertel me niet, want het doet pijn
Spreek niet
Ik weet wat je denkt
Ik heb je redenen niet nodig
Vertel me niet, want het doet pijn."
Question 3
Who are they?
Question 1
Scenes from which film?
"Ik zie het tijdschrift dat Photoshop gebruiken
We weten die poep is niet echt
Kom op nu, laat het stoppen
Als je schoonheid schoonheid hebt, steek ze gewoon omhoog
Want elke centimeter van je is perfect
Van de bodem tot de top."
Question 2
Iconic Movie Themes
Name the Film
Iconic Disney/Pixar Themes
Name the Film
Question 2
Question 3
Name the actor/actress
(Hint: they all start with 'E')
The Internet
You spend most of your time here...so this should be a piece of cake, right?
Question 3
Know your YouTubers!
Question 2
Know your Memes!
Question 1
5 surprising facts about the internet
How much horsepower worth of electrical power is required to keep the Internet running in its current state?

A) 5 Million
B) 25 Million
C) 50 Million
D) 80 Million
How many electrons does it take to produce a single Email message?

A) 100 Million
B) 500 Million
C) 2 Billion
D) 10 Billion
On which continent can we find most of the world's internet users?

A) Asia
B) Europe
C) North America
D) South America
How much does the internet weigh?

A) As much as a grain of sand
B) As much as a strawberry
C) As much as a bowling ball
D) As much as a small car
About 250 Emails are sent every day.
How many of those are spam?

A) 125 Million
B) 150 Million
C) 175 Million
D) 200 Million
Question 4
Name the film
Question 4
Name the film
younger audience
younger audience
Extreme close-ups
Guess what the images are
Name the Planet
Name the series
Name the Country
judging from their national anthem...
Rugby teams!
Name the main characters of this series....
Name the Pokémon
A comet's tail always points...
A - the way it has gone
B - the way it is going
C - away from the sun
D - away from the moon
What cartoon series?
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