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Innovation Fund

No description

Patrimoine Innovation

on 20 July 2015

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Transcript of Innovation Fund

Innovation Fund
Canadian Heritage
Innovation Fund
Guiding Principles
“The PCH Innovation Fund is an opportunity for like-minded people to work together on creative solutions. It is a participatory approach.”
“In order for effective change to become a reality, people need to be able to shape their environment.”
Graham Flack, Deputy Minister, PCH
The PCH Innovation Fund, an employee-led initiative, serves to fund new ideas brought forth by employees with the objective to improve how we do our work, and to more effectively serve Canadians. The Fund constitutes an ongoing mechanism to encourage and incubate innovation across the Department.
Guiding Principles
Risk taking: The Fund allows for bold ideas and new approaches, with the knowledge that some projects will fail.
Employee-driven: The Fund is an open forum for the innovative ideas of PCH employees at every level, and from every work unit across the Department.
Participation and collaboration: The Fund is open to all PCH employees, who are invited to submit ideas, engage with their colleagues, and contribute to this initiative.
Leveraging technology: The Fund incorporates web 2.0 tools like GCconnex to allow for easier collaboration across the Department, including the Regions.
Learning and Development: The Fund supports an environment where PCH employees can increase their knowledge, expand their skill set, and become more effective public servants.
Transparency: The Fund’s decision making process, funding decisions and results will be shared with all PCH employees.
Values and Ethics: The Fund is operated in accordance with the Values and Ethics Code for Public Servants.
The PCH Innovation Fund is managed by an employee group, with representation from the Regions, and is open to all PCH employees.
This group is led by two co-Chairs (non-Executive members).
The Co-Chairs will report to the Deputy Minister on an informal basis.
Members can choose to serve terms of
6, 12, 18 or 24 months
, depending on their availability or the operational requirements of their work unit.
New members are chosen by the co-chairs.
GenerAction and the Manager’s Community of Practice may each appoint a non-voting observer.
Quorum consists of 1 co-chair and 5 members. Decisions are made by consensus, or majority vote.
Members with a conflict of interest will recuse themselves from deliberations and decision-making in those specific instances.
An Executive member serves as a sponsor as well as a voting member, and delegated signing authority.
Guiding Principles
The budget for the PCH Innovation Fund is currently $100,000 per fiscal year.
Financial controls are in place to ensure prudent use of public funds. The Executive member assumes the role of delegated signing authority for all financial matters.
The funds are intended to cover startup costs, including the cost of researching and developing ideas and putting them in place. Project leads will be responsible for ensuring that the necessary arrangements for any purchasing or contracting requirements are in place.
“Some of those innovations will fail. That is a natural part of innovating.”
Graham Flack, Deputy Minister, PCH

1/ Submissions and Collaboration
The Innovation Fund accepts project proposals submitted via GCconnex, using the posted template.
Proposals may be submitted by any single employee, or by a team.
PCH employees will have the opportunity to express their support or opposition to the proposals on GCconnex, make comments or suggestions, or offer their help.
2/ Presentations and Recommendations
Selected project leads will be invited to pitch their proposal to the Innovation Fund on key dates.
One of three answers will be given:
• A green light: the project will receive funding.
• A yellow light: the Fund recommends that the project team rework some elements of the proposal, so the project could be reconsidered at a later date.
• A red light: The Fund will use this light if it considers that the strategy in general or several items of the project need to be reviewed or refined.
All decisions will be posted on GCconnex.
3/ Implementation and Evaluation
If a project receives a green light, the employees and their supervisors will evaluate the level of time and effort required to complete the initiative. This work will be included in the employees' Performance Management Agreements.
Project leads will be expected to submit activity or progress reports to the Fund.
Project results, including successes as well as failures, will be shared within the Department as a learning opportunity and to inspire new approaches and ideas.
Ready, set, innovate! Innovation Fund
Presentation created by Marie-France Chrétien, Canadian Heritage
Many icons designed by www.freepik.com
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