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Rocks and Minerals (3rd Grade Science)

This prezi describes the properties of rocks and minerals and how we use rocks and minerals daily.

Emily Wilbor

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Rocks and Minerals (3rd Grade Science)

Rocks Igneous Formed when melted rock cools, hardens,
and forms crystals. If it cools slowly, (during a volcano) it creates big crystals. If it cools rapidly, it
creates small crystals or none at all. Metamorphic Formed when igneous or sedimentary rocks
are reheated and cooled or pressed into new
forms. This process creates bands, streaks, or
clumps of material. Sedimentary Formed when small particles (sand,
mud, silt, shells, or skeletons)
settle to the bottom and cement
together over a long period of time.
This creates visible layers or
fossils. Talc Properties -Shape
-Texture Used to make powders. Minerals Gold Used to make jewelry. Quartz Used to make glass, and concrete.
Also used in watch making.
ON THE PLANET! Copper Used to make piping, plumbing, jewelry,
currency, and conducting electrical currents. Properties -Color
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