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Senior Project

An Original Piano Composition

Charity Samms

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Senior Project

Charity Samms’
Senior Project -I’ve played piano since I was very young
-My mother was a pianist at church and loved to practice so we had a piano at home
-I’ve enjoyed playing for as long as I can remember About Me: -My junior paper was entitled “The Importance of Music Education”
-In it, I wrote about how music is everywhere and very important in everyone’s lives
-Therefore, I decided to compose a song for my senior project Junior Paper -Starting to compose was very difficult
-After meeting with my mentor, I met with my brother and he gave me some tips
-When I came up with the melody, it all began to fall into place Beginning the Composition -After I composed most of the song, I began working on the sheet music
-My mentor assisted me and I learned a great deal
-I learned about rests, eighth notes, triplets, and much more. Continuing the Composition: -I scheduled a date for the performance, but it had to be rescheduled due to complications
-I met with my mentor about what questions to put on the handouts
-The actual performance was a great success The Performance: -I had my brother help me with recording my song since he has experience in that particular field
-It took a great deal longer then I had expected
-It was interesting and fun to learn things about recording Recording My Composition: -Making the prezi by adding all the pictures and sides was a new experience
-Altogether, I learned a lot and had fun in the process!
-Thank you to everyone who helped me along the way! Bringing it All Together: An Original Piano Composition Questions? Thank You -My mentor: my mother
-My sister: Susanna
-My brother: Benjamin
-My Praise Band leader: Brenda Cunningham
-My English Teacher: Mrs. Isner
-My Judges: YOU Choosing The Title -I wrote the composition mostly during the big snow storm
-I had no idea what to title it
-I finally came up with "Moonlit Snowfall" “Even though most people think if music as simply a hobby that one can play around with in their spare time, it is not that at all. Music is an outlet to self-expression and creativity.”

-Joseph Haydn
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