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megan christensen

on 8 May 2012

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Transcript of ANGUILLA

Anguilla This is a map of Anguilla. the capital is The Valley, which is shown by the red dot.
Above Anguilla is the Atlantic Ocean. To the North-East is the carribean sea. This is Anguilla's flag.The three dolphins are the coat of arms.They stand for friendship wisdom and strength. The blue is the country's ensign. Important cities in Anguilla are
The Valley
Stoney Ground
Island Harbor
George hill
Blowing point village
The Farrington
East end village
Sandy Ground village Population... Roughly 13,500 . The official language ofAnguilla
is english, but other languages
are spoken
spanish Fun Facts Anuilla is known for its amazing coral reefs
Anguilla is 91km squared (35 square miles)
The average yearly rainfall is 40 in.
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