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Logical Fallacies

No description

Elizaveta Perevezentseva

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Logical Fallacies

Bandwagon fallacy Yilin and Liza Logical Fallacies •The picture describes social networks

•The advertisement uses this fallacy to invite people to join any of these social networks.

•The target audience is both teenagers and adults.

•The message of the advertisement is: it is up to you to jump into that wagon and enjoy communication with all your friends or refuse doing that. Appeal to emotions fallacy False dilemma fallacy False cause The picture describes: type of the credit card which is very popular all over the world.

The advertisement uses this fallacy to invite people to start using this credit card.

The target audience children and women because they more emotional
than men.
It is false dilemma because there are only two possible choices for consumer. To apply for that card or not. If you have this card it means that you can afford everything except some things but it is better than having nothing.
The message of the advertisement is false cause because after this commercial people wrongly assume that to be as strong as Michael Phelps they’ve got to eat subway
The target audience: teenagers and adults who are fans of Michael Phelps.
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