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Describing Physical appearance

No description

Diego Maza

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of Describing Physical appearance

Describing Physical appearance and character
My name
Who Am I?
Famous actress
What does he look like?
Anne Hathaway
beautiful, short brown hair, brown eyes
What is her name?
He is tall and thin. He has long, straight and blond hair. He has a beard. He has green eyes.
What is he like?
He is kind. He wants to help other people. He is funny. He can make people laugh.
Born in:
Lives in:
New York
funny and smart - always smiling
Leisure activities:
watching romantic movies, going for a bike ride, playing with her dog.
I think she is a great actress and has a beautiful smile
What is her nationality?
What is her job?
When was she born?
Where does she live?
What does look like?
What is she like?
What are her leisure activities?
What do yo think of her?
Her name is Anne Hathaway. She is American. She is an actress. She was born in 1982. She lives in New York.
She is a beautiful woman. She has short, brown hair and brown eyes.
In her free time, she likes watching romantic movies, going for a bike ride and playing with her dog.
I think she is a great actress and has a beautiful smile.
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