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Social Value and Intangibles

Impact Analysis currency for Legislative Compliance and Procurement

Olinga Taeed

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Social Value and Intangibles

SaaS Platform
Professor Olinga Ta'eed

olinga.taeed@cceg.org.uk +44 7798 602987
A global
need to articulate
Social Value has developed

Social Earnings Ratio
S / E R a t i o

Manual & Cloud versions
In 2011
Prof Olinga Ta'eed was commissioned by #10 'Big Society' Think Tank to develop a universal social impact metric
As public sector funds recede, Governments are looking at the Private sector to deliver the same diminishing services to the Community sector through Third/NGO sector agencies
IP protected by Creative Commons
Under the BUMN law for state owned enterprises, 2% is charged on profit after tax to be donated to CSR
CCEG is collaborating with Trisakti University to measure the social impact of all 138 state owned BUMN companies using manual S/E, 20 of which are listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
MRRT Law states that 22.5% tax is levied on profits for coal and iron ore projects above $75 million
CCEG is mapping the impact of the mining companies using a manual implementation of S/E
Under the 1st April 2014 Company Act all medium to large companies must spend 2% gross profits for CSR
CCEG is targeting collaboration with 500 Indian universities to measure the social impact of the 2% companies. In November CCEG attended the Bombay Stock Exchange launch with the UK Business Secretary, Dr Vince Cable MP, to launch S/E on BSE
Islamic countries adhere to the concept of Zakah, interpreted at 2-2.5% donation of profits to charitable acts. which most banks in UAE, Saudi, etc adhere to
CCEG is collaborating with a number of UAE institutions and corporates to measure the impact of such donations as well their CSR strategies
EU Directive Non-Financial Information Disclosure for companies > 500 staff (April 2014)
CCEG collaborating with c. 30 universities in UK, Poland, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, etc to provide S/E metrics for 'top 100' league tables in different sectors
Social Value Act 2012, enacted January 2013, demands public sector organisations to account for social value in procurement tenders
Following 3 years of research, CCEG launched several instruments to develop the UK and international
Other Commissions
Public procurement is only one narrow application of S/E. We have several commissions including labelling consumer products conveying 'good' provenance
CCEG and
The Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance is a neutral but campaiging organisation to introduce robust instruments of change to Private, Public, Third/NGO and Community sectors in equal measure
Instruments of Change
Corporate Social Responsibility
Bible of
Social Value
The September 2014 250 page pathfinder report recommends an automated SaaS platform as the best viable solution to meet Social Value Act 2012 compliance.
Global Reach
CCEG is one of the world's leading not-for-profit organisations delivering significant solutions to transform our society
A series of one day integrated conference/workshops for key decision makers

London - 30th March
Turin - 19th June
New York - September
San Jose - December
+ 9 others
"... the most rapidly adopted social impact metric in the world, the Social Earnings Ratio (S/E), a tool to help institutions measure social impact of decisions and to benchmark across private, public, third and community sectors ..."
Vatican Zenit Press July 2014
Social Earnings Ratio
 Seratio SaaS platform - http://seratio.com

 Prezi introduction - http://ow.ly/BgvR9

 Timeglider history - http://ow.ly/Bgw1S

 Online course - http://www.seratio.org

 Jorum - http://ow.ly/BgzZU

 Application 2% Law India - http://ow.ly/BgAOc

International Activity
 International Activity - http://ow.ly/JNxqv

 Consumer brands - http://www.brandanomics.com

 Birmingham - http://www.cultiv8solutions.com

 Listed companies - http://www.sii2000.org

 Modern Slavery - http://www.semantrica.com

 EU PROCUREMENT - http://ow.ly/HtPAm

 EU SEiSMiC - http://ow.ly/Gpu7N
Related Media
 Vatican Video - http://ow.ly/BgAwB

 1st Vatican Interview - http://ow.ly/BgACg

 2nd Vatican Interview - http://ow.ly/GPnAi

 Social Value & Intangibles Review - http://ow.ly/IgByR

 SVP coverage - http://ow.ly/CEyCq

 House of Lords - http://ow.ly/BgBqT

 Institute of Financial Services - http://ow.ly/BgBI6

 London Guildhall - http://ow.ly/BgBQK

 The Dorchester - http://ow.ly/BgCmD
Professor Olinga Ta'eed PhD FIoD
Centre for Citizenship, Enterprise and Governance
Northampton Business School
University of Northampton
Park Campus, Boughton Green Road
Northampton, NN2 7AL, UK

Mob: +44 7798 602987
Email: olinga.taeed@cceg.org.uk
URL: http://www.cceg.org.uk

Social Value in Public Procurement

Google Drive to documents - http://ow.ly/CbFUa

Dropbox to documents - http://ow.ly/CChMi


Infogram of report - http://ow.ly/DcKT9


Infogram of Birmingham report -http://ow.ly/CCn3D

Case Study

 Intro video (part 1) - http://ow.ly/BALSM

 Intro video (part 2) - http://ow.ly/BqrbK

 EU COSI Presentation (3.57.40) - http://ow.ly/JrKaU

 Implementation - http://ow.ly/Bgx2d

 Case Study pilot - http://ow.ly/BgxpJ

 Social Value Portal - http://www.socialvalueportal.com
Further Information
Like many countries, Spain is suffering from enormous financial, social and economic crises. The size of the problem demands radical, disruptive solutions
Scheduled to start in March 2015, CCEG is engaging in several pilots in Spain to roll out

solutions through a legislative framework prior to elections in Q4 2015
The global market for social value is enormous. There is not one country, not one region, not one city, not one town that would not benefit from increased delivery of social value
S/E represents the productisation of social value as a currency for the mass market by developing the first model T-Ford of the sector built on the twin pillars of Big Data and Social Media. We intend to partner with INCAE, the most prestigious business school in Central & South America to develop the market
To do that, they have introduced legislation and public procurement rules that ensure the transferance of Financial Value to Social Value
For these instruments to work we need a robust and uniform way to be able to measure the delivery of social 'good'
Conducting 12 Social Value pilots representing UK£ 2.5 billion of procurement

Engaged with a pipeline of 45 UK organisations worth UK£ 9.5 billion

Further 20,000 UK public sector organisations to engage

Launching 2 international Social Value pilots in March 2015

Midst of Modern Slavery Pilot
for October 2015 release


Since 2011 CCEG has been developing a collaborative network of 80+ universities to research including EdEx MOOC site
EU Chair
EU SEiSMiC Social Value Group

EU PROCUREMENT Social Value & Transparency in Supply Chains

Board of Social Value Portal (socialvalueportal.com) and Chair of Advisory Panel
Modern Slavery Act 2015
Transparency in Supply Chain
In November 2014 S/E was commissioned as the metric to enact the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 which applies to all companies with > UK£ 60m turnover. This gives
another legislative backed market place in measurement of intangible value. It is a national and international market in supply chain and as large as the Social Value market
Other metrics take 3-18 months to measure Social Value at cost of US$ 5-100k,
completes this in 10 seconds and for US$ 5.
“... a quick, low cost, high volume way to assess social impact”

Lord Young Review
Feb 2015

Launching in April 2015, the
Social Value
and Intangibles Review
global markets
Over 1300 Heads of CSR of the world's major corporations on private LinkedIn network
Key Politicians and Decision Makers
Nearly 20,000 subscribers since launch April 2013
Italian legislation 'Cinque per Mille' giving right of individual to donate 0.5% of their tax revenues to community initiatives
CCEG is conducting pilot trial to demonstrate efficacy of legislation
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