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Data Network Security

No description

Ismail mm

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Data Network Security


10 week Pre-sessional Course

Tutor Name: Yen Cotterill DATA NETWORK SECURITY - Simple attacks rely on :

1- Deceiving Users : Website, Email.

2- Damage files & data.

- Viruses & Worms:
Corrupt Hardware, Software, and Information files. Simple Attacks Complex Attacks Two Type Of Attacks viruses files & worms files Type Of Attacks Home or Small Office 1- Simple Attacks Three Types of Attacks Complex Attacks A) Phishing B) Spamming C) Hacking Protect Information 1- software security, or firewall software Example
Kaspersky anti-virus -Firewall devices 1- Protect data from Unauthorized Access
2- Protection via :

3- Connection between firewall and Internal/External Networks. 2- Hardware & Network Security A- Authentication by login/password
B- Address based authentication
-Network Security has two options to deal with attacks:

1- Firewall for protecting from Outside attack (WAN)
2- Firewall to protect Internal Network (LAN)
- H&S Firewall : - Every home, Organization

- Help to Optimize data

- Deny all unwanted
Internet Attacks Enter Into Computer to steal the information: Horse Hacking Programme Provide your personal information in FAKE LINK Internet for Business: - Industries & ministries
- Exchange Information
- Email,Data files,Website Internet Contains: - Viruses
- Worms
- Spam
- Phishing Internet Conclusion
First part: Basic definition of Internet

Second Part: Types of Threats

Third Part : Firewalls Data Network Security Simple Attacks E-mail Contain on Random Advertisements : Junk E-mail A)protection: For Windows Users
B)Protection via : - anti-virus software
- anti-worms/phishing software Example Q&A Thank you for listening
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