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Yazeed Daoud

on 12 March 2017

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Transcript of WWW.REYADYJO.COM

Objectives and Goals :
• To generate revenue through selling supplementation and subscription for gyms memberships .
• Develop the website from revenue that we made from sales.
• Continuous improvement of the website through making it more user friendly for the customers and visitors.
• To generate traffic on the website and increase users and visitors from the social networks .
• Increase the customer’s loyalty.
• Provide customers with the best prices and offers.
• Increase the customer’s knowledge in the products and workouts.
• Generate a platform of Gyms process and offers on the website.

Project Plan :

87 Days
System Analysis :
Feasibility Study
SWOT Analysis

Through the SWOT analysis that we carried out for the website it showed us that we have a really good potential to expand in Jordan:

Yazeed Daoud
Hussam Abulubbad
Abdulmalik Almomani

Reyadyjo.com is a website which aims to help all athletes and sports enthusiasts in Jordan and the Arab world through providing a platform which provides them with the needed physical activities, nutrition and supplementation and through linking them with the local market availabilities to achieve their athletic goals.
1. Low Cost: the low cost to start a website was the most notable point.
2. User friendly.
3. Targeted people.
4. The first website in the field.
5. Easy Access to the talent pool.
6. The team good knowledge in the E-Business field.
7. Jordanian expertise.

Strength :
1. The small numbers of trainers.
2. Limited resources in the Nutrition field.
3. No reach for high ranked international trainers and expertise.


1. No local competitors.
2. Number of targeted gyms on the website.
3. The opportunity to growth fast.
4. Early partnership with industry players.

1. International websites.
2. The server capacity.
3. Low level of supplier’s loyalty.
4. The cultural threats.
5. Low trust from the users.

Wix.com is a cloud-based web development platform that allows users to create professional HTML5 websites and mobile sites, through the use of their online drag and drop tools
Economic Study
Technical Study
Operational Study
One Time Cost:
Recurring Cost:
- Laptop.
- Extension free (wix).
- operating system
- Windows (free with laptop).
- Front end (free with HTML5)
- Logo design (For Free)

- Manpower cost , 330JD.
- Annual Maintenance Fee, 255JD.
- Host yearly 75JD (wix).
- Domain name 15JD yearly.

• Content management system:
Wix.com HTML5 (For Free)
• Internet setting fees:
Hosting cost provided by wix.com
Domain Name from Go daddy.
• Laptop + MS windows 8
• Annual Maintenance Fee:
Regular maintenance costs of the website (annually).
• Manpower cost.

• Easy to use terms of users and customers
• Ensure appropriate project and its integration with existing entities safely and support existing business system without affecting them.
• Get a sense of the effectiveness and the ability of the proposed project in solving the problems of existing business system and take advantages of opportunities.
•one person to work on the administration of the website

Functional Requirements
Customers Functions
1. Appears to the customer the images and advertising
2. Form the menu bar the customer can select
3. The photo gallery will appear to the customer
4. Customer can click on the product, read its details and see the picture in a large size
5. Then the customer decides the product he/she desire
6. After deciding the desired product the customer choose (add to cart ) option the customer can continue shopping or checkout
7. If the user choose the checkout option their appears the payment gateway
8. The site sends Purchase is Done to the customer and admin
9. English/ Arabic

Guest Functions :
1- Show home page
2- Appears to the customer all pages, images and advertising
3- Form the menu bar the customer can select
o product: Purchase of proteins by selecting the desired product and view all the details of this product
o Programs: show videos
o Nutrition: learn how proper nutrition is done for male or female
o Customer Profile: Name, E-mail, Birth date, Phone, Wight, other details.
4- It will show to the customer our product
5- Customer can click the product, read its details and see the picture in a large size
6- (About us )
7- ( contact us )

Admin Functions :
1. The Admin manages products if you add a new product or a Program or amendment to remove an existing product
2. Develop and maintain the site functions and capabilities As for Administrator he/she is the person in charge only of the site, he/she can also maintain web pages and any other technological issues related site.
3. management style Internet the header and footer information
4. Materials management: add, update, or delete a product.
5. Also the admin can generate reports for sales and customers.

• Reliability
• Availability
• Efficiency
• Flexibility

Non Functional Requirements:
Data Flow Diagrams
Context Diagram
DFD Zero Level
System Design
Database Model
1. High costs
2. Time limitation
3. Limited experience
- This graduation project was a challenge for us.
- We were introduced to a new Technology (WIX) which is huge and has great infinite features. Thus, we as novice WIX users could'nt achieve what we intended to do at the beginning of the system. For this reason we changed our project few times before coming along with "WIX” in its final look.

- Feeding the correct way for the user Sports
- Ways to provide the most useful exercise plans
- Provide this site in the form of application on smart phone applications
- Provide more sports options to the website to fully create an athletic platform
- Create a new shop to have all of the athletes cloths and daily used tools.

Future Work
No Matter if you're old or young
Male or Female
the best time to start is
Thank You
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