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To show but not Tell (Pic Books)---Intermediate Writing

No description

Sumei Wu

on 18 July 2013

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Transcript of To show but not Tell (Pic Books)---Intermediate Writing

Using picture books to teach
"To show but not tell” writing skill

First step:

Have Masar read a book in which an author uses "Showing but not telling" technique.
Step two:
Look for the use of "Showing but not Telling".
Final Step:
"Show” your own story.
Make no attempt to correct every writing errors but focus on Masar's use of the "showing but not telling" skill.
Write with Masar, our Intermediate:
According to
, if Masar is
at the


undetailed descriptions, explanations, and narrations;
difficulty expressing abstract ideas.
Franklin broke a cup.
Franklin knocked over his juice and broke his favorite cup.
To help Masar develop effective writing skills,
recommends the teacher to...
allow writing on familiar, concrete topics.

avoid assessment based upon language errors.
Key strategy:
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