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On Her Knees

No description

Camila Tamayo

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of On Her Knees

On Her Knees
The message that “On Her Knees” left to the reader is to show people that they shouldn't always judge others based on their first impression and also to think twice before blaming someone for something due to most of the times you are not 100 percent sure if the person its guilty or not.
The story is narrated in first person by Victor, who is the housekeeper son.
The plot of “On her Knees” is about the narrator and his mom who cleans for living.
In the story, the boy's mother gets a note from one of the rich women she cleans for saying that she suspects that the narrator's mom stole her $500 earrings and that she is fired but that she first needs her to clean her house once more until she is fired. When the narrator hears about this he thinks it don´t make sense, its crazy, stupid and that his mom shouldn't go but his mom wants to keep her cleaning- pride so she goes anyway.
Victor as well volunteers to come with her and help her clean, but really he wants to snoop around to see what kind of lady this is.

When he's there he can't find anything specifically bad that proves that this woman is mean. While they clean the house they find the $500 earrings and put them next to the letter of money that his mom didn't want to accept for the job by the end of the story.
(born 4 August 1960) is an Australian novelist and short story writer.
Winton has been named a Living Treasure by the National Trust and awarded the Centenary Medal for service to literature and the community. He is patron of the Tim Winton Award for Young Writers sponsored by the City of Subiaco, Western Australia.
More about his life...

The Tim Winton Young Writers Award, sponsored annually by the City of Subiaco, offers children across the Perth metropolitan area the opportunity to develop their writing skills.It is open to primary school and secondary school-aged short story writers. Two compilations have been published, Destination Unknown (2001) and Life Bytes (2002). Winton is the patron of the competition.
Young writers award
“On Her Knees” is a short story written on2004. Its key themes are family, proof and pride.

Most of the story takes part in this wealthy woman's home where the cleaner is the narrator's mom. The house contains a lot of 'knick-knacks' and normal modern/expensive stuff that wealthy people own in their houses.
(The year of the story is probably the same year as it was written, in 2004.)
Winton was born in Karrinyup, (Western Australia),but moved at age of 12 to the regional city of Albany.

He has lived in Italy, France, Ireland and Greece but currently lives in Fremantle, near Perth, with his wife and three children.
Winton wrote his first novel,
An Open Swimmer
, which won The Australian/Vogel Literary Award in 1981, launching his writing career.
He has stated that he wrote "the best part of three books while at university".

His second book,
, won the Miles Franklin Award in 1984. It wasn't until Cloudstreet was published in 1991, however, that his writing career was properly established.His novel,
, was published in 2008. His latest novel is Eyrie, published in 2013.


Figures Of Speech
My mother had a kind of stiff-necked working class pride
Carol lang went through a house like a dose of salts.
She was proud of her good name and the way people bragged about her and passed her around like a hot tip
I gave the door could wipe the look of vindication from her face as she reversed us out into the street
We´ll clean that flat within an inch of its life
Sometimes it reeked of law itself

Finding nothing more remarkable than a tiny of hash in a bit of tinfoil
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