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Why did Japan go into isolation?

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rawan madi

on 3 June 2014

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Transcript of Why did Japan go into isolation?

Edo Japan Assignment
Why did Japan go into isolation?
Japan went into isolation because...

-Homogeneous society,

-Great unified family with common values and beliefs..

-Increasingly dangerous European threat

-Got rid of all foreigners

-Wanted to keep japanese worldview and lifestyle uncontaminated by the western ways.
Who were the key people in creating isolation?

-Shogun Ieyasu
-The europeans (invaders)

What impact did isolation have on society?

- Japanese wanted a society that embodied things such as peace,respect and harmony

-Mixed feelings towards the isolation

- Society wouldn't be distracted

- Japanese lost their freedom.

-Japan's economy had trouble.
How was the social structure set up during isolation?

- You couldn’t move up in the hierarchy,
-Lower levels could better their situations through hard work, talent and of gaining wealth.
Social order highest to lowest, was...

Did isolation have an affect on science and technology advancements?


-Japan was isolated from the world,

-lost touch with the new, evolving ideas

-didn’t make as many advancements.

-study the western technology

-Japan made small advancements

What adaptations did the Japanese make to fully utilize their resources?

- Fishing in the oceans that surrounded

-Grew crops.

-They grew a lot of rice

-Flattening parts of mountains to make it
farm able.

-Had to make sure the rice lasted the winter.

What western countries, if any, influenced Japan?
Netherlands influenced Japan.

-"All things european" such as eyeglasses, clocks, firearms, and artillery,

-Adoption of Christianity

-Not completely loose all contact with europeans

-Weren't a hundred percent intolerant of other people other than Japanese.

If there was western influence by a country why that country and not others?
-Netherlands was only European nation trading directly with Japan.

-The Japanese and the dutch were as addicted to tobacco

-the Dutch were responsible for bringing another form of tobacco to Japan

-Tobacco has been inhaled for as long as it has been smoked.

-Because of the location and the resources that Netherlands had that the japanese wanted.

When did Japan come out of isolation and why?

-After 200 years

-Matthew Perry, under the American government

-sailed into Tokyo Bay

-forced Japan to sign convention of Kanagawa
Who were the key people in getting Japan out of isolation?

Commander Matthew Perry
When Japan went into isolation:
Their traditions and beliefs very defined and certain.
Their culture became very strong and was not influenced by any other cultures.

When Japan came out of isolation:
-really hard for any other cultures to change culture,
because the Japanese culture was the only thing the Japanese people had been introduced too.

The whole reason they went into isolation was to make sure they didn’t get influenced in the first place.

They weren't going to just waste all that time they spent on isolating themselves and just go under other peoples influence.

A lot of traditions have been kept from the past and it is because of how unified they are.

We can see that even today, that Japan has a very strong culture and belief system.

Compare the isolation period to post isolation, how did society change, what traditions have been kept?
looks like Mr.Hutton
Rice, Rice baby;)
Thank you for yuno, watching.
we hoped you loved it, we know mr hutton loved it ;)
Rainbow :O

copyright; 1996-2014.

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