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Ped Leaders TLC: Challenge

Personalised Learning and Differentiation

Stephanie Hill

on 21 September 2013

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Transcript of Ped Leaders TLC: Challenge

Question Formulation Technique
Ask students for more detail and complexity to promote higher-order learning/thinking skills
Go beyond the what? How? And into the

Use open-ended questions
Ask students to explain the effectiveness/value of a technique, process, theory (evaluation and synthesis)
Scoop it!
The challenges of our profession
Challenging students in lessons
Approaches and strategies that - encourage the active pursuit of learning
- challenge every individual to build upon their best, from low ability students to the highest ability individual in your classroom
2nd layer of the
Challenge TLC
Instead, enable and encourage students to explore avenues in more depth

Ask students to dive deeper and they will be engaged and amazed at what they find
"“The teacher who is indeed wise does not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” - Kahil Gibran
Challenging ourselves in our professional learning
lesson reviews & inspections
Changing policies
expanding role of the teacher
Exam results & targets
A step-by-step process designed to help students produce, improve and strategize on how to use their own questions. EASY. STRUCTURED. CLEAR STEPS.

The QFT allows students to practice three thinking abilities in one process: divergent, convergent and metacognitive thinking.
Art of Questioning
• Teachers ask up to two questions every minute, up to 400 in a day, around 70,000 a year, or two to three million in the course of a career
• Questioning accounts for up to a third of all teaching time, second only to the time devoted to explanation

Asking students to do more of the same
type of work will only expose students
to more of the same
But this is what will drive them towards
individuality & creativity
1st layer of the
Challenge TLC
Allow students to show each other
the way into new worlds
Some students may find
it daunting to attempt
a task by themselves
The Right Question Institute
Classroom Management
The challenges that we face

To provide a space where we can challenge each other, as teachers, to find innovative and meaningful ways of developing our own professional learning
Quick & easy bite-size CPD (lessons, hints, resources)
Ability to connect with other like-minded teachers & share experiences
Access CPD & ask questions anywhere, anytime

Bring together all of the great resources & articles that you find online
Share your finds with other teachers
Developing our own questioning techniques as teachers
Teaching students how to ask meaningful & valuable questions of each other & their teachers
Sharing approaches, strategies and tools that will improve the 'weight' and value of differentiation and challenge in our classrooms whilst making our role as teachers lighter not heavier.
Ten-minute group activity in response to a poem
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