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Bifocal Final Project

No description

Arya Horon

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Bifocal Final Project

Conflict Problem Summary Settings Exposition This story takes place in a city in Canada in the present. The majority of the novel is spent in the high school that Haroon and Jay attend - Central Secondary School. Other places they include in the book include the Church that Jay attends, the Mosque Haroon attends, and Walmart. Supporting Characters After a student from the local high school is arrested on the suspect of being a terrorist, the whole school is in turmoil. Racial divides become more evident. Two very different boys are forced to chose sides. Haroon struggles with being Muslim, and Jay and his teammates believe they have been set up to look like racists. Throughout this book, we find out how these two boys deal with what life has thrown at them. Racism plays a big part in this book. Many characters struggle with either being bullied into being racist or being a victim of racism in itself. With that said, one of the main problems the characters face is whether or not to go along with what everyone else is saying and doing, or to do what's right. May that be to stand up for yourself or may that be saying no to participating in racist activities. The whole story revolves around racism and how racism can really affect people, in ways they act, and ways they talk. Racism is bad. By Deborah Ellis
and Eric Walters By Arya Horon Bifocal This book is is told from the perspective of two high school aged boys - Jay Watson and Haroon Badawi. Jay Watson is a Caucasian Christian football player with a conscience. He is new to the school and a junior on the team. He learns quickly that in order to fit in, he may have to do some things that he'd otherwise not do. Haroon Badawi is a smart, but quiet Afgani boy who doesn't want to cause anyone any trouble. He is on the Reach for the Top team. Both of these boys are considered the protagonists. Protagonists Other characters in this book include; Azeem - a teammate and friend of Haroon's who gets arrested, Ms. Singh - Haroon's teacher who is also the coach of the Reach for the Top and an advisor for Haroon, Steve - a member of the football team and a good friend of Jay's, Moose - a Muslim member of the football team who helps Jay to realize what life is like for Muslim people, and Zana - a girl with a big personality who is always stating her stubborn opinion. She is also Haroon's sister. Internal Conflict - The two main characters struggle with themselves and finding out who they truly are. (Character vs. Self)
External Conflict - Haroon, because of his race, is also in a Character vs. Society conflict. Throughout the book, there is much tension between the Muslim community and the Caucasian community. Jay is struggling with Character vs Character conflict with Kevin. Kevin keeps trying to pressure Jay into doing things he doesn't want to do. Initial Incident Rising Actions The story was kicked off when the police came to Jay's and Haroon's high school and arrested Azeem, on the suspicion that he was a terrorist. After football practice the next day, Jay walks by Azeem's locker, and talks to Zana, from which he learns more about the Muslim community.
Haroon is questioned by the police, but he doesn't have any information for them. Climax Falling Actions Conclusion In the highest point of tension in the story, Kevin, Steve, Jay and some other members of the football team bombard Haroon's house with eggs, tomatoes, and toilet paper. This was the last house, and they go too far - smashing pots, windows and spray painting awful things on the garage door. At school the next day, the football team is suspected of trashing Haroon's and other people's houses, and they are questioned. No one confesses. Haroon does some thinking and comes up with the term "Fear of Terror, Terror of Fear." He writes that on the board of every one of his classes. Jay ends up realizing that popularity and fitting in isn't as important as he originally thought and he becomes good friends with Haroon. Haroon recognizes that people are really just afraid of fear, and that's the reason they dislike anything that brings fear along with it. The football team never gets found out. The football team attempts to beat up a kid who told the newspaper that all white people are racist. He is not at school though and the football team gets in trouble. Haroon goes to Azeem's court hearing to support him. A smoke bomb is set off in the school. Ms. Singh's class has a discussion on God which really gets Haroon thinking. "Brown Town" is vandalized and covered in ham. The football team is forced to clean it up. Azeem begins to tutor Haroon in math over the phone. Members of Haroon's family are not allowed to board a plane because they are suspected of being terrorists. A man at Haroon's Mosque rats out a fellow Muslim to the police, saying he's part of the terrorist group. Jay hears a powerful speech at his Church. Jay, Kevin and Steve loose the Halloween costume contest. Kevin becomes mad because he believes they lost because all the brown people voted for the other person competing. Hadi, a boy from Haroon's class brings in a video with Osama Bin Laden in it. Osama Bin Laden is saying in the video how they have "bomb the Americans!" The video is confiscated and Ms. Singh threatens to send it to the police. Haroon is competing on the Reach for the Top game show and someone calls in a fake bomb threat. The football team goes to different houses, throwing eggs, tomatoes and toilet paper at them, then ditching before they could be caught. The End Theme Antagonists Kevin and Detective Moffet play the role of the antagonists. Kevin is in conflict with Jay, pressuring him to do stuff he doesn't necessarily want to do. He is the football team captain and thinks he rules the school. He also assumes that he is always right and no one would ever want to stand up to him or go against his wishes. Detective Moffet is one of the police officers assigned to the terrorist attack case. He never fully believes that Haroon is completely innocent. Throughout the story, he is randomly showing up at places, interrogating him, thinking he is working with the other terrorists because he is Muslim.
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