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322 Final Exam Review

No description

Kristen McCauliff

on 12 June 2018

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Transcript of 322 Final Exam Review

Final Exam
20 Multiple Choice (2 points each)

10 Short Answer (5 points each)

1 essay (10 points each)
* Food Cycle

*Appropriation vs. appreciation

* Big business

Quizzes 7 & 8
Third wave feminism-

Black Excellence-

Cycle of food-

Girl Power!-


Definitions and Examples
I think this is showing & I agree/disagree....

Here is some class material that helps us explain it....Here is what that class material means and authors who say it

Here is the link between the two...
On Bb! FRIDAY from 8am-11:50pm

Allow 100 minutes

No Backtracking!

Study quiz answers, quizzes, test one, define and apply--also look at Bb discussion board with sample test questions. ROOT IT IN CLASS MATERIAL.

Don't forget about your Infographic!

Grades will be done ASAP

What is one class concept/idea you can use to analyze this clip? What would you say?
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