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John William Rigby

No description

Kate Munday

on 28 May 2015

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Transcript of John William Rigby

John William Rigby

Who is John William rigby?
John William Rigby was born on the and served in World War 1. He was only a private, but still showed bravery, and like them all, he was courageous to sign up. he was put in the 48th infantry battilon, and his journey began.

In 1916, John boarded the HMAT Aeneas (weighing 10049 tons) and traveled to Galipoli, where he started to fight. His meals revolved around bully beef, rice, biscuits which we now call ANZAC biscuits, and other foods that weren't at all very nice.
Red Cross- for the wounded
John William Rigby was also a part of the Red Cross Wounded and Missing group, where he investigated where the missing soldiers were, and brought the injured to the nurses, where they were helped, and sometimes brought back to full health. He also asked eye witnesses to see if they new where missing soldiers might be, and informed their infantry, to let them know that someone was hurt or missing.
John's life is ended
Sadly in 1917, John died in action in France. He would always be remembered by his family and friends, and is respected by the fact of signing up to war and fighting for Australia.
The memorial grave
By Estella Rigby
Aboard the ship!
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