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Copy of Copy of The Five Elements of Plot

No description

Yvette Martinez

on 25 August 2018

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of The Five Elements of Plot

The Five Elements of Plot
Rising Action
Falling Action
Now Let's bring all together!
Beginning of the story
Introduce the characters
& setting
Complications begin for the main char'
Turning pt' of the story
Learn the result of the climax
The end
Learn what happens to the main character
For the Birds
Rising Action
Falling Action
Little Birds
realized that Big Bird was about to fall and launch them into the air
1. Little Birds get launched into
the air & feathers fly everywhere
Snow White was orphaned at a young age because her stepmother murdered her father. Her stepmother is a vain woman that worships a mirror.
The mirror tells the queen that she is no longer the "fairest of them all"because Snow White has become of age to claim that title. The queen sends a huntsman to kill her. The huntsman does not kill her, instead he protects her.
The queen has failed in attempting to kill Snow White several times. She takes matters into her own hands and poisons her with a deadly apple. Shortly after her "funeral," she is awakened by a kiss from the huntsman. She then forms an army to rebel against her stepmother.
Snow White leads an army of her faithful followers to battle against the queen in her castle.
Snow White defeats her evil stepmother and takes her rightful place as Queen in her father's kingdom.
Let's Put It All Together Now!
Getting Ready For the Day
Monday, August 31, 2015
1. Agenda
2. Pen
3. Blank sheet of paper
4. "Walk a Mile" project

1. Revise CN pg.
407 for a better

2. "Walk a Mile"
due Weds!

3. Finish Learning
Log (if needed)
Snow White and the Huntsman
Comes after the Exposition, but before the Climax
Most suspenseful part of the story, but we don't know the end result.
Things start to slow down; near the END
What is Plot?
The events that occur in a story from the beginning to the end.
Plot Diagram
2. What is the plot of a story or movie?

(The plot of a story is...)
3. What do readers learn about in the Exposition?
(In the exposition, readers learn.....)
4. What do we learn in the resolution of a story?
1. The focus of today's Cornell Notes was...
(In the resolution we learn...)
Getting Ready for the Day
Wednesday, September 02, 2015
1. "Walk a Mile.."
2. Blank sheet of paper
3. CN from yesterday
: person/animal/object that acts out
in a story.
Types of characters
- Main character
- Character that creates
problems for the protagonist
What is Conflict?
The problem(s) in the story
2 Types of Conflict
1. Internal
Takes place internally (INSIDE)
Happens in a character's mind & heart
Involves making decisions and emotions
2 Types of External Conflict
1. Man vs Man
character has a flict w/another character
arguing, fighting, pushing
2. Man vs Nature
character has a conflict w/nature (environment, plants, animals, weather)
What is Theme?
The "lesson about life" the author wants readers to learn
1. What part of life is the story about?
2. What prblms did the main char' have?
3. How did he/she solve them?
4. Did the char' grow up/change by the end of
the story?
5. What advice would they give?
Theme Examples
Watch and Come Up With a Theme!
1. The focus of today's Cornell Notes was on...

2. What is the difference between internal &
external conflict?
(The difference between
internal & external conflict is...)

3. Give an example of an internal conflict you
recently had?
(An internal conflict I recently
had was...)
4. What is theme? Can you come up with a theme
for "family"?
(Theme is...)

Getting Ready for the Day
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
1. Learning Log
2. CN Redo p. 289
3. Blank sheet of paper
4. Agenda
5. Pen
1. "Walk a Mile..." due
Big Bird
Little Birds
On a telephone wire near a farm
3. Two little birds begin pecking at Big Bird's talons to make him fall.
2. Big bird sits between the little birds causing the wire to go down.

1. Big bird arrives while the little birds move away and mock him.
2. Little Birds fall from the sky
w/out feathers
Big Bird laughs and the Little Birds try to hide behind him.
Big Bird wants to be apart of the group, but the little birds make fun of him.
Rising Action
Falling Action

Character & Conflict
The focus of today's Cornell Notes was on the five elements of a plot. The plot of a story are _________. In the Exposition we learn about ________. The resolution is known as the ________.
1. The setting is the time and ________ a story occurs.

2. The climax is the most _________ part of the story.

3. The Exposition is also known as the _______ of the story.

4. The __________ is the end of the story where we learn what happens to the main character.

5. The _________action comes after the climax.




Switch to

External Conflict
A problem that can be seen physically
External = outside
1. A man trying to catch an alligator

2. People arguing in the street.

3. A man stranded in the snow.
What are some internal conflicts a bride might have when preparing for her wedding?
1. Who do I invite?

2. What should the cake look like?

3. Where should the weeding take place?
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