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Veronica Cruz

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The cardturner: Timeline
1.- My favorite uncle
Ever since Alton was a kid, he´d it drilled into him that his uncle Lester was his favorite uncle. His mother always would thrust the phone and say to him "Tell him you love him". "Tell him he´s your favorite uncle.
2.- Cliff
One time Mrs Mahoney (Uncle Lester´s housekeeper) called to Richards family. She wanted to Alton plays cards with Lester. Alton spoke with his uncle and with Mrs Mahoney and they told Alton that he should take his uncle to the club on Saturday and he would be his cardturner.
3. Are you sure?
When Alton arrived to his uncle´s house , Mrs Mahoney opened the door and invited him inside. Alton explained that he'd never played brigde. Then his uncle entered to the room and told him that he doesn't have to worry about that. "I will tell you which card to play and you will play that card"
4. The club.
At they arrival, they sat on the table 3, South. Alton met Trapp's partner: Gloria who had been his partner for eighteen years.
The game started, a man placed two metal trays in each table, he said "Shuffle and play"
Alton only knew something: Gloria was Trapp's partner and he had to be his assisstant.
5. Shuffle and Play.
6.- National Championshiop

Aton and Gloria were talking about why his uncle Lester couldn't be in the nationals, to be part of the Grand Life Master.
7. The Perfect Partner
Lester and Alton were talking about the nationals. Lester said: "I don't know if they'll even let me play." and Alton was encouraging Lester, to play and win.
8. The Milkman and the Senator's Wife
Alton and his mother were talking about why the people said that Sophia's mother was insane.
They said that because she paid to the milkman to change clothes with her.
9. The Housing Crisis
Alton was in his room, and their family entered to the room and his first thought was that his uncle was dead but they told him that he was fired.

10. Toni Castaneda
Alton and his uncle Lester entered to the bridge studio and they saw Toni Castaneda his ex cardturner. They were very impress and Alton was very angry.
Odet Nayeli García Rodríguez A01227332
Verónica Ahtziri Cruz Martínez A01227332

Tony invited Alton to play bridge with her.
Tony told him that Trapp will love him for that.

Cliff was flirting with Tony when he arrived to Alton’s house.
Leslie was angry with both because Alton likes Tony, but he didn’t say anything about what Cliff was doing.

Alton arrived to Trapp’s house, but there were many silence, so the first thing he thought was that his uncle was dead.
Because his dog didn’t bark and all the ladies there were in silence too.
But then he saw that they were putting something into Trapp’s ear, to hear better.

Gloria and Alton were talking about Trapp and how he played bridge.
Gloria said: "He is like a brilliant detective solving a crime".

Alton and Cliff were talking by the phone. Cliff said that Tony was crazy because they heard a song and she started to singing. Then Cliff told Alton the name of the song.
It was Bye Bye BlackBird, and that was the song that Gloria, Trapp and Alton were singing and it was at the same moment.

Alton was talking with Gloria and Trapp about his friend in the school, when he was younger, Doug Bridge.

One day he had a flash back about him and the next day his father told him that Doug died in a car accident.

Tony and Alton were playing in the Bridge Studio and Tony said that her grandmother told her what card to play. (Her grandmother is dead).

Alton, Gloria, Lucy and Arnold were eating in a Restaurant and they were talking about Annabel.
Alton learned that all the rumors that the people said about Annabel were wrong.
Annabel had a husband that didn’t love her and for him she were in an asylum and there she died.
Trapp was in love with her, and she was in love with him.

Mrs. Mahoney called Alton to told him that Trapp wouldn’t need him, for two weeks. That was good for Alton.

Trapp died and all the family were sad, but Alton continued playing and at last he said that Trapp told him what cards to play.
11. A Phone Call
12 The life of the party
13. Smoking Ears
14. The Great Bridge Detective
15. Director Please!
16. Synchronicity
17°Two Idiots At The Table Seven
18. Annabel and Ike
19. Ducking Smoothly
20. Ducking Smoothly
21.Welcome to My World

Tony and Alton were partners and they had a 70 percent of the game. Alton heard the voice of his uncle.

22. Welcome to My World

They discovered that Annabel and Lester were playing through them, because both hear their voice.

Third Parcial
23. Not a Wet Sock

Tony and Alton went to the nationals, with the names of Annabel and Lester.
24.They Need Us

Alton and Tony were in the hotel, and Tony told him how did she feel about the voice in her head. “ I wanted to be normal. Everybody is telling me that is something wrong with me. I had to go to a psychiatrist.”
25. The First Hand

Before playing, Alton was very nervous, because he wasn’t sure if his uncle would tell him how to play. But in the last moment his uncle help him.

6. They need to had more than 40 percent of the game to pass, and they did but in that moment they found his uncle’s Friends; Lucy and Arnold. And they knew that they were using Trapp’s and Annabel’s names.

27.The Final Hand

In tony’s and Alton’s last game they felt good. And at least, he heard the voice of Trapp saying “Nicely played” and he got excited.
28. Talk About Wow

“The winners of the National Pairs Championship are Annabel Finnick and Lester Trapp!”
Tony and Alton were excited and Tony was crying.

29. Talk About Wow
Tony and Alton kissed when they won.
30. Philosophically Bent

Tony and Alton were dating and Alton didn’t talk too much with Cliff.

After the cards were shuffled an death, Alton led his uncle to the coffee alcove for say the him the cards they have. But his uncle never said the order that Alton has to organize the cards so Lester got angry.
"Nine of spades, king of hearts, three of clubs, jack of spades, ten of di-"
"What do you think you are doing". "Are you a moron?"
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