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Michael Plessala Birthday Prezi

My birthday is May 2, 2000

KF Student

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Michael Plessala Birthday Prezi

May 2, 2000 Michael's Birthday! Sports What Happened? Who else? My Name Means... Famous First Popular Stuff in 2000 In 1876, Ross Barnes hit the first home-run in the National Baseball League.

In 1920, the first game of the National Negro Baseball League was played.

The 113th Kentucky Derby was on May 2, 1987. May 2, 1945: The Soviet Union announced the
fall of Berlin, Germany Michael- like God; who is God; a gift from God Dwayne Johnson
Catherine II of Russia (Catherine the Great)
David Suchet (American Actor) Colin Powell was the 1st African American Secretary of State. The movie "Gladiator," directed by Ridley Scott, was a big hit.

The Reality TV show "Survivor" was popular in 2000.

"Bent," by Matchbox 20, was a popular song in 2000. Plessala- Plessala is a city in France. May 2, 1519: Leonardo de Vinci died May 2, 1890: The Oklahoma Territory was organized Dwayne Johnson Dwayne Johnson comes from a family of wrestlers. His uncle and grandfather are also wrestlers.

His first leading movie role was in "The Scorpion King."

He married Dany Garcia on
May 3, 1997. What Else Happened? The weather in New Orleans on May 2, 2000 was sunny with a high of 92 and a low of 49.

The Harry Potter Trivia Game was a popular toy in 2000.

Bill Clinton was president. THE END!!!
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