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Servant Girl

No description

Christian Garrido

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Servant Girl

The story happened in Miami, Florida and she was scrubbing clothes in her mistress house.
Rising Action
Rosa - She is physically and verbally abused servant girl by an odius but sometimes kind mistress. She is a kind, patient girl.
by: Estrela D. Alfon
Falling Action
When Rosa was hurt from her swollen foot, a cochero passed by and help her to ease the swell of her foot. From that day on, she distinguishes the cochero as his “Angel”.
Then one day, she encounters a cochero who was recklessly riding his tarantilla. Due to her anger, she threw a stone and the cochero got angry. He threatened Rosa that he would bring her to the municipio but then she realized who it was. It was 'Angel' who was infront of her.
The realization that what she felt as love to his “Angel “was not real and his “Angel” that was Pedro didn’t think of her at all when she was injured. And it is only a feeling to express his gratitude for helping her back then. So she went back to her mistress and continues her job.
The story ended when she came back to the house of her mistress and saw her mistress drunk and sleeping at the table and a new wine on the table was already empty. She dragged her mistress to the bed and when the woman would wake she would say nothing and remember nothing. She turned on the light in the kitchen and hummed the preparations for a meal. In the end, she is still a servant and an abused maid.
Pedro - He is the cochero named “angel” by Rosa. He is described by Rosa as different from other man, gentler and her rescuer from her miserable life with her mistress.
Sancho - He is an admirer of Rosa. He is rude to her and violently hurt her.
Mistress- She is the one who physically and verbally abused Rosa. She is odius but sometimes kind woman.
The story runs on Rosa, an abused maid and works for her mistress. The mistress maltreated her badly. And she dreams that one day she will be freed from the abuse she experienced. Even though her mistress treats her badly, she was generous and felt pity when Rosa burst her tears because of her beating. Her mistress values money, always drunk and losses self-control when she loss or wasted something. Rosa was a kind, understanding and patient girl and in spite of the beatings of her mistress she stayed and continues his job.
-Eagerness to mingle
-man vs man
(Rosa vs her mistress)
(Rosa vs Sancho)
-man vs himself
(Rosa vs her desire to meet "Angel")
-man vs circumstances
(Rosa vs accident)
-man vs society
(Rosa vs poverty/poorness)
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