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My Life

The name says it all.

Eric Humphries

on 10 May 2013

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Transcript of My Life

My Life An Autobiography Let's see, where to start on such an interesting and fun-filled life, I wonder? How 'bout right here? My School Life 4-6 Grade 7th Grade 1-3 Grade 1st grade Teacher- Mrs. Gillis Favorite Subject- Math Overall Score- 2nd Grade Teacher- Mrs. Price Principal- Mr. Dixon Favorite Subject- History Overall Rating- 3rd Grade Teacher- Mrs. Blanchard Principal- Mr. Gregory Favorite Subject- Art Overall Rating- None (she Sucked!!!!) 4th Grade Teacher- Mrs. Suttle Principal- Mr. Gregory Favorite Subject- Math Overall Rating- 5th Grade N/A 6th Grade Teachers- Mrs. Ashford, Mrs. Curry, Mrs. Rushing, Mrs. Hopkins, Mrs. Brown Principal- Mrs. Swart Favorite Subject- Math Overall Rating- Pretty cool, huh? Pretty cool, huh? You haven't seen anything yet! Let's go look at something else, shall we? Here's a couple of family pictures. Here's some food pictures. Me! David Humphries Linda Covington Humphries Billy Humphries

Deceased Lottie Chamblee Humphries
Deceased Paul Covington

Deceased Anne Edwards Covington Here's my brief family history. Teachers Mrs. Jernigan-ICT1- Mrs. Smitherman-Math- And This This Is Is And This This Is Here's a couple of videos that are pretty cool. Principal-Mr. Dixon Aunt Bobby Uncle Kim Jessica Me Evan Dad We forgot to add yeast! At Coldstone Creamery Evan Dad Meredith Momma Me My name is Eric Humphries. Dad Evan Me A dead turkey if you are reading this, you have some super good eyes. Evan's Diploma Here's a couple of pets. Mrs. Chandler-English and Reading- Mr. Heard-Science- Mr. Mason-Band- Mr. Finch-History- Here's my extended family on my dad's side. Grandpa and
Grandmomma Dad Aunt Charlotte Aunt Bunny Uncle Tom
Deceased Grandpop and
Gran Aunt Cathy Aunt Beth Momma Uncle Jimmy Here's my extended family on my mom's side. Titus No photo available No photo available No Photo Available Well, that concludes my little presentation. That's the end of......... Overall Rating Science Science Science Tres ( The other two were Uno and Dos)
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