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Antifragile Communication

No description

Vilma Luoma-aho

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Antifragile Communication

#Antifragile Communication
Luoma-aho & Paloviita, 2010

Spheres of influence

Loss of organisational control
Communication is no longer organization-centered
Stakeholders communicate with each other on issue arenas
Lines between internal/external communication are diminishing
Surprising new stakeholders emerge

Stakeholder coup?
Prof. Vilma Luoma-aho
Organizational Communication & PR


Department of Communication, University of Jyväskylä, Finland
Society today for organisations?
The communicative organisation builds trust through respectful and
enduring relationships
with both internal and external stakeholders and the wider community

The Melbourne Mandate, 2012
The problem with crisis communication is its

How to make the organisational communication antifragile?
Cynefin framework
Snowden, 2000
Antifragile Communication
1) From reputation management toward
2) From human resource management toward employee
3) From communication toward
4) From attention gaining to
5) From Strategy-building to cultivating an antifragile

Experience based
Stakeholder centered, not organization
Flexible, neutral levels of trust
Realistic, maintainable reputation
Based on internal & external Faith-holders and their experiences
On Issue Arenas
Improves under pressure
Culture of ethical & safety
Non-bureaucratic: enabling

Antifragile, Things that gain from disorder. (Taleb, 2012)
Luoma-aho, V. & Paloviita, A. (2010) ”Actor-networking stakeholder theory for corporate communications”, Corporate Communications: An International Journal 15(1), 47-69.
Expectations form the core on which reputation and trust are formed on.
Communication professionals...
The Melbourne Mandate 2012
Define & maintain an organisation's character and values
Build a culture of listening and engagement
Instill responsible behaviours by individuals and organisations
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