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WW1 Trenches Activity

No description

Chantel Martin

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of WW1 Trenches Activity

Step Four
-Group discussion about what the simulation was like for you.
-How did it make you feel about trench warfare?

-Write a letter/diary entry from your own experience in this activity
Historical Thinking Concepts
Historical Perspective and Historical Significance
Breakdown of trench activity
1.Brainstorm what fighting in the trenches would have been like.
2.Have students read letters from soldiers describing life in the trenches. (or watch the Front Lines clip)
3.Get desks into position and enact simulation.
4.Have students write a letter home as a soldier about their experience.
Step one
Brainstorm on board.
step three
-move desks into position.
-each student is given three paper balls and awaits instruction.

*this is where classroom management and clearly defined rules will come in handy.
WW1 Trenches Activity
Curriculum Connections
CHC2D- B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, B3.1

Overall Expectations: Social,Economic & Political Context; Communities, Conflict & Cooperation; Identity, Citizenship & Heritage
Step two
-Read letter/diary entry about life in trenches or trench warfare
Additional Resources
Dan Snow youtube videos
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