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Waiting at the Table

No description

Kate Tirona

on 25 November 2014

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Transcript of Waiting at the Table

Waiting at the Table
This is one of the important components of good service which can not be overemphasized. Correct table procedure while waiting, and the table etiquette and good manners that need to be observed while waiting, will be discussed here.
Proper Waiting and Table Service Procedure
-refers to the manner in which the food is served at the table or offered to the guests by a trained personnel called waiters or waitresses
Responsibilities of Waiters and Waitresses
The job of waiters and waitresses is vital to the enjoyment of the diners or guests. Interest, courtesy, and most important of all, his skill in serving such to make dining a pleasant and satisfying experience
We should not be menials (one who works solely for money) but rather professionals in art of hospitality.
If a guest is in a hurry, they provide speedy service.
If the guest is lonely, a friendly word or two can make the person be at ease and feel at home.
If a guest is complaining, the complain is taken in graciousness and promptly attended to.
If the menu is unfamiliar, he explains what the dishes are and how they are made.
If it is a special occasion, he makes suggestions on what type of dishes would fit for the occasion
Waiters and waitresses must be well groomed
We must be gracious, warm, and friendly.
If misunderstandings should arise between a waiter and a guest,
the manager or the head waiter should intervene. Under no
circumstances should the waiter engage in a argument with a guest.
We are here to serve our customers and make them feel special, by

our treatment and service to them
Correct Service Procedure
Welcoming the guests
Seating the guests
Taking the order
Service at the table
Welcoming the guests
The head waiter or one of the waiters does the job of welcoming the guests as they enter. We greet them cordially with "Good Afternoon!" or "Hello Mam/Sir!". At this point, we may guide the guests to an available table. We may also ask how many guests will have to be seated so we can find a table appropriate for the number of guests
Seating the guests
The waiter will have to walk a little ahead of the guests. With one hand outstretched, we point out the direction to where the direction of the table. The waiter may position himself/herself at the back of the chair and pulls it out for the guest tp be seated.
Taking the order
After the guests have looked at the menu or even while they're going through it, the waiter can already say "May I take your order Ma'am or Sir?" With a pencil and small pad in hand, the waiter writes down the orders, beginning with the host of the group or with the lady or gentleman win children.

If guests are uncertain on what they will order, the waiter can suggest main dishes. He can also suggest other courses in the menu while waiting for his/her order. We must also aware the guest of the preparation time of the dish. Before leaving the table, the waiter reads the list of orders to remind the guests if nothing have been missed or if there are other items they may wish to order. Then collect the menu books and bring the orders to the kitchen
Servicing the table
Proper serving of food at the table follows a sequence of courses. The general sequence in which courses are served on the table is from light to heavy.
Clearing the Table
-process of removing used plates and other dishes to clear the table of clutter and keep it neat and orderly, before, during, and after a meal.

Table Etiquette and Good Manners When Waiting
The waiter should observe table etiquette and good manner as he waits on the table in the same manner that guests observe etiquette while eating their meals. The proper choice and delivery of words, amount of servings to be place on the table, calm expression, and other more important movements will be studied by the waiters.
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