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"RIZAL IN EUROPE, 1882-1885"

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Camille Conde

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of "RIZAL IN EUROPE, 1882-1885"

"RIZAL IN EUROPE, 1882-1885"
Conde, Camille
Dee, Jillian Grace
Malana, Maverick
Mamauag, Janzen
Yu, Stefanie
Chapter 7:
After completing his 4th year of medical course in the University of Santo Tomas,
Rizal decided to complete his studies in Spain.
Why did Rizal want to study in Europe?
What convinced him to go to Europe and study?
1. Europe was advance in the field of education, sciences and medicine.
2. His family had the ability and means to send him abroad.
3. He needed the additional knowledge so that he may be able to help his mom whose eye sight is declining.
4. In his letter to Paciano in May 20 1882, he said that he wanted to go to Europe to observe the different cultures, customs, commerce, industries, laws of the different countries in Europe so that he can use these knowledge to free the Philippines from the tyranny of the Spanish.

Rizal boarded the “
” on May 3, 1882 for Spain as Jose Mercado to avoid the detection of the Spanish Authorities.
1. He observed and made sketches of his environment.
Example: Coastlines of Palawan and Borneo, as well as his fellow passengers.
2. He compared the people and environment around him and compared them with that of the Philippines.
3. He noticed that people had negative comments about the Philippines.
4. He played chess with his fellow passengers.
5. He made friends with the ship captain Donato Lecha.

Rizal’s thoughts and reflections in the vessel Salvadora.
(Based on the bibliography of Rizal; “The first Filipino”)
• He heard the Spanish people talk about the government in the Philippines, He realized the hidden motives of the Spanish to use or “Suck the blood” of the Filipinos.
• This experience of hearing the thoughts of the Spanish outloud would later influence “El Filibusterismo” and emerge as the characters Ben Zayb, Padre Camorra and Linares Espadaña.

This was the first stop on Rizal's trip to Europe.
Singapore's first known name was “Pu-lou-chung” (chinese), in English “Island at the end of a peninsula".
Later known as Temasek.
Later in the 14th century a prince saw an animal he had never seen before while hunting, taking it as a good sign he founded the city and named it “The Lion City” or Singapura. In sanskript “simha” meaning lion and “pura” meaning city.
Modern Singapore was founded in the 19th century.
Population of mostly Malays, Chinese and Indians.

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