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By: Elie Phan

No description

elizabeth phan

on 30 March 2015

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Transcript of By: Elie Phan

Gold Rush
Panning For Gold
Hydraulic mining is dangerous because it can make floods, make the crops die and goes threw the town.
Fools gold
Fules gold is not REAL gold so you can test it.
Strong Jeans
They were jeans that don't rip in the water while you are mining.
To use a cradel it can seperate the dirt from the gold and there are a little holes on the top.
Back then in the gold rush slaves had to get gold to have there fredom.
By: Elizabeth Phan
To pan for gold you need a pan with a round side and a flat bottom.
Hydraulic Mining
Donner Party
The donner party was a group of people who wanted to take the short cut but got stuck in a terrible snow storm.
Some people went over land in sted of on sea but they have little food, and
Manafest destiny
She led all the people to the west.
If the stream is running really fast than the gold will go down and you will not get it.
Sutter's Mill
Sutter's Mill was the first place to fing gold when the gold rush started.
James was the first to fing gold but that is what he claimed.
James M. Marshell
Snow Storms
The Donner Party got stusk in a snow storm because they did not want to go the real route but they took the short cut.
Taking a wagon over snow was very hard.
Over the trip lots of people got sick and died.
Some people ran out of food and water.
lots of people opened shops because they know they were going to get rich.
Gold miners thought they were going to get rich.
People thought it will be easy to get to Californa.
Lots of shops opened up because they thought they were going to get rich.
James M. Marshell was the first to find gold.
when miners found gold, they marked off their ''CLAIM'' to that plot of land.
Gold Search
Most people searched for gold in the fields and mountainsides as well as river beds.
Native Americans
The arriving easterners disrupted almost every aspect of life for these people.
John Sutter
John Augustus Sutter was a failure as a businessman in Switzerland and fled to the United States in 1834 to escape his many debts.
Women were so rare in California that men were known to travel miles to gaze at one. Few women in Califonia were wives of miners.
A twelve year old boy found $2,700 worth of gold in just two days.
A man named Joe Dye collected $40,000 of gold in just seven weeks.
Two partners, William Daylor and Perry McCoon $17,00 in one week.
A typical miner did not need mush more than a shovel, a pan, and a pickax in the California Gold Rush.
Sutter and Marshell attempt to contain their excitment as they survey the land that they know contains valuable gold.
Gold Seeker
Many gold seekers were unwelcome intruters on the land of Amarican Indians.
Who started the Gold Rush?
What is gold made out of?
How is a cradel used?
Why is most of the gold found in California?
Gold Fever
Most people were so addictied to finding gold that they will never stop looking.
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