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Conventions of The Romance Genre

No description

Tom Royston

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Conventions of The Romance Genre

The Mise-en-scene,Typical Props,Typical characters,typical settings,typical costumes,film examples,typical actors/actresses,promotional package conventions,institutional details,including budgets. Conventions of the Romance Genre The mise-en-scene in any film is vital, as it helps to give an understanding of the genre from previous experiences for example in a romance film you can expect to see soft lighting effects and relatively natural lighting from the house and whatever lights are present in that particular shot, this is to achieve the feeling of it being in touch with reality making the story as believable as possible.
The music is always an important part of any film, no matter what genre. A common icon of the romance genre is the soft tender music, this is to represent the tenderness and sensitivity of the relationship and often represent the characters personality. The music is key in the movie as it creates mood and suspense and that is the key to creating the feel of the film. Mise-en-scene In the romance genre there are a few typical props you can expect to see throughout the film, for example you can expect to see some sort of flowers and gifts that will be given to one of the main characters usually by the love interest. The giving of gifts is commonly associated with the genre as it is the reflection of romance and commonly romance is represented as a relationship with giving and usually ending up with the pair being married after the pair have some sort of disruption or disequilibrium. Typical Props In the romance genre, there will always be two main characters, A male and Female, the male is virtually always the love interest and the selling point of the film with such massive names as Channing Tatum and Gerrard Butler filling these roles. There are also female characters that will have their eyes on the male love interest. Hilary Swank and Amy Smart among the Female characters in these particular role.
Most of the time there will be some sort of character that disrupts the relationship created between the two main characters this can vary whether it is a male or female role but often the male character can have some sort of nemesis which results in confrontation between the two. Typical Characters In my research and analysis of the romance genre and films that commonly associated with the genre, it is most common that the films are mostly set in the city, especially big cities for example New York being perhaps the most common setting for Romance films, this is because the city has everything that the film could possibly want, therefore they use the big cities as the majority of people can associate with the big cities and gain an understanding of the film and begin to make a link with their own life and gain the recognition of the area. Also this allows the characters to have a particular lifestyle and personality, I haven't seen many romance films in my personal experiences where the two main characters have no money therefore living in a big city reflects their money. Typical Settings The typical clothing doesn't vary a great deal throughout the romance genre, the male love interest will commonly have a very smart, yet casual dress sense, for example a suit that reflects his professionalism but the causal side of his attire will show how he is down to earth and comfortable with himself.
The female will wear long dresses and smart clothing that shows off hr figure other than the times when the dis equilibrium is taking place where she will then wear slackers clothes like "Sweat Pants" and a long sleeved jumper. Typical Costume Film Examples/Actors/Actresses and Institutional Details Film Examples P.S I love you-
Gerrard Butler, Hilary Swank
Warner Brothers. $30 Million Budget
$157 Million Revenue in Box Office
Just Friends
Ryan Reynolds, Amy Smart
New Line Cinema.
$51 Million Revenue in Box Office
The Vow
Channing Tatum, Rachael McAdams
Spyglass Entertainment $30 Million Budget
$196 Million Revenue in Box Office
Love Actually
Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley
Universal Pictures $45 Million Budget
$247 Million Box Office revenue
Notting Hill
Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts
Universal Studios $43 Million Budget
$363 Million Box Office Revenue
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