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Prezi By: Derrick C. Williams II

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on 15 November 2016

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Transcript of Prezi By: Derrick C. Williams II

Kings and Queens
Medieval Royalties (King,Queen,Prince,Princess,Queen's Mother) are important people who had a divine right to rule under the Feudal Medieval system.The only other people that were considered to be above royalty was a pope or God.The King was usually the most important Royalty with most power, however there were also powerful queens some of whom ruled with an iron fist.One of the Queens most important duties was to act as a regent when their king was unable to rule,whether the king was sick or to young to make intelligent decisions.One of the main duties of a Queen in the Middle Ages was to help the King and other nobility find ways to spy on rivals, ignite conflicts or ways simply spread important gossip throughout the land.Queens also helped the King strategize or analyzed the meaning behind other words and actions often.
A King's Main Goal
A King's main goal was to protect his kingdom from enemies and secure his domination of the kingdom.They're role included land ownership,warfare,leadership and lawmaker.A king allowed knights,barons and lords to live with him as long as they provided armies of men to fight wars.When kings fouht neighboring kingdoms,he led his men into battle. Kings were supreme rulers of their lands, and they meted out justice as the saw fit.Kings displayed many signs of their wealth and land ownership with castles adjacent to vast forests,rich clothing lined with jewels,and large amounts of weapons and armor.
The Prince is the son of a King.A Prnce becomes a king when the king dies. A
Medieval Royalties
Prezi By: Derrick C. Williams II
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