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Whole-School Sustainability Framework

Diseno Sostenible, San Jose, June 26 2013

Stephanie Barr

on 5 July 2013

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Transcript of Whole-School Sustainability Framework

Gloria Marshall Elementary
Vision uniquely reflects the school community.
Provides an inspiring vision of the future.
Defines ambitious & achievable objectives.
The Bertschi School
Prairie Crossing Charter
Pine Jog Elementary
Learning Gate Community
The Willow School
Buckingham Elementary
Red Hawk Elementary
Kinard Middle
Bacon Elementary
Gloria Marshall Elementary
Greybull Elementary
Fossil Ridge High School
charismatic leadership
connection to place
student powered
vision & mission alignment
interdepartmental learning
catalytic communication
engaging & active design
progressive efficiency
healthy systems
Harris Bilingual Elementary
Principles of Sustainable Design
The Monarch School is dedicated to providing an innovative, therapeutic education for individuals with neurological differences.
VISION: Offer a unique, therapeutic learning environment where active minds are challenged, all are treated with respect and dignity, learning is a joy, and wisdom is the outcome.
A system's purpose defines its behavior.
Environmental, social, and economic agendas are synergistic - not in competition.
Cross cutting teams are established
Sustainability is integrated into all roles, not an add-on.
Continuous evaluation is part of the learning process.
Desired change is clearly defined.
The vision is communicated through language & action
Comparative feedback is provided.
School building and site invite exploration.
Flows and impacts are illustrated.
Building & site provide intentional teaching tools.
Progress is public.
Conservation behavior is a social norm.
Policies institutionalize progressive efficiency.
Formal leadership supports the vision.
Leaders are empowered at all levels.
Decision making is transparent and empowering.
Immediate resources and tools are utilized.
Principles of sustainability are woven across curriculum.
School is positioned as hub for community learning.
Students are empowered to make positive change.
Students are peer mentors.
Students are prepared for active citizenship.
thank you.
Stephanie Barr
Institute for the Built Environment
Colorado State University
Schools are a catalyst for sustainable cities.
What is a green school?
Why is a green building not enough?
/grEn skül / n. a school that creates a healthy environment that is conducive to learning while saving energy, resources and money.
green school
To prepare informed, active citizens.
What is the
purpose of education?
What do we all want for our children?
health, prosperity, happiness, wisdom, love, family...
Schools bind communities together
They can model innovation
They are an expression of values




connectivity, accessibility,
indoor, process,
efficiency, measure,
verify, renewables
recycled, regional, reduce
and divert waste
ventilation, non-toxic, daylight, views
Daylight increases student performance on tests by 15%-26%
Healthy air reduces asthma & absenteeism
Students from schools with excellent conditions scored 11% higher than students in schools with poor conditions
on the effects of buildings on students
case studies
Learning Gate
Community School
Tampa, FL
now what?
Whole-School Sustainability
Stephanie Barr
Institute for the Built Environment
Colorado State University
How can we prepare the next generation to lead a sustainable future?
Who has been to a school in the past week?
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