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Resume Bonnie Char Hennefer - Cancer Genomics

This is a customized resume for Intermountain Healthcare Cancer Genomics Communications Specialist. The template used was found on Prezi.com adapted by Katie Willis. Kudos to Katie for her format and fantastic design. The content is my own.

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Resume Bonnie Char Hennefer - Cancer Genomics

"Bonnie is a very outgoing and open person; with excellent communication and people skills and the ability to engage widely with a range of people in the local community and afar."

Paula Bell - Owner | Proforma Business Communications
Dreams? Goals? Desires?
St. George, UT
Who am I and why would I fit in with your team?
Bonnie Char Hennefer
Southern Utah University

Courses in
Master of Arts in Professional Communication
Currently admitted to program

Bachelor of Science in Psychology
Degree Earned 2002

Applied Associate of Interior Design
Degree Earned 2002

Student Government
Senator Arts and Letters 1992-1993

Sorority Social Chair
Alpha Phi (National) - Phi Alpha Beta

Special Projects & Experience
Career Related Experience
Director of Development & Community Relations
Habitat for Humanity of Southwest Utah
RSVP Coordinator
Five County Association of Governments
Public Relations /Communication Specialist
Cedar City ~ Brian Head Tourism Bureau
July 2014-November 2014
November 2014 - Present
April 2009 - June 2014
Coordinate all aspects of federally funded RSVP program (Retired and Senior Volunteer Program). RSVP matches individuals over 55 with non-profit volunteer opportunities.

Projects include bringing neglected files up to date. Manage database records on volunteers and stations including MOU's (Memorandum of Understanding) documents to keep the program in compliance.

Plan annual volunteer recognition event.

Recruit and manage volunteer opportunities.

Provide ongoing training for not for profit organizations.

Successfully completed "Volunteer Management Training" UServeUtah course.
Job responsibilities included but not limited to: interfacing with media, community partners and the public.

Wrote and distributed press releases regularly.

Researched and responded to media leads, pitched story ideas to press and media outlets.

As a part of my duties I regularly made presentations for upper level college courses, and community organizations (Kiwanis, Lodging Association, Women in Business, Chamber of Commerce).
Head of Media LOC (Local Operating Committee); Organized efforts to host media for the first southern Utah stage of Tour of Utah.

Provided script content for commentators about area attractions. Produced all content for this rack card.
Coordinated partnership with tourism bureau, South West Applied Technology College (SWATC) and Greg Powell (SUU professor) to produce a DVD and online training aimed at reaching “front-line” service providers in the tourism industry in Iron County. I conducted strategic focus groups, scripted, supervised filming and production of the entire project. www.ServiceElevated.org
Q: Why do I want to be a part of the
Cancer Genomics Team?
Q: What skills can I offer?
Q: What are some thoughts on publication?
Q: Why should you hire me?
A: Through my strong writing and communication skills, I would love to help tell the story of Cancer Genomics and further the groundbreaking efforts that are happening in southern Utah at Intermountain Healthcare.
A: With over 6 years Public Relations, Communications, and Marketing experience, I was a top producer for garnering media hits and placement in the state of Utah through strategic planning, pitching and media relations.

I am a skilled writer; highly organized, professional, competent, creative, dependable individual with a positive attitude. I am a confident public speaker and presenter.

I have developed and coordinated many multi-agency successful ventures; special projects and events including: Cedar City Unplugged, Service ELEVATED, Ring of Fire “Sweet Spot” Eclipse, and Habitat for Humanity
Grande Masquerade Ball fund raising event.

A: I have written articles that have been published in several publications. Although, it's thrilling to see my name as a byline, third party endorsements, in national publications, by professional writers carry more weight when communicating a brand.

The same techniques that I used to get pieces published in Better Homes and Gardens, USA Today, and Everyday with Rachel Ray Magazine can be used to promote the Intermountain brand.
A: There are plenty of reasons why you should hire me, but the biggest reason is the enthusiasm and passion for communication that I bring to Intermountain. I am creative and hard-working. I am professional, dependable and tenacious. Communications and Public Relations is the path that I excel at and I would love to bring my skills and talents to the team at Intermountain.
From Idea to Launch
Tour of Utah
Stage 1
August 2013
Through my direct efforts I have had success in many media outlets. Some successful pitches have been:
Price is Right
Better Homes and Gardens
Everyday with Rachael Ray
USA Today
Via Magazine
Salt Lake Tribune
Fox 13
Cedar City
Launched Summer 2014
Co-chair for a cooperative venture between the Tourism Bureau, Health Department and Iron County School District to promote healthy living, economic development, and area attractions.

Created and directed Facebook page for the program.

Worked with graphic designers to create this rack card and promote the program.
May 20, 2012
Habitat for Humanity
Grande Masquerade Ball
November 1, 2014
Informed Experienced Proficient Expert
Social Media
Strategic Planning
Microsoft Office
Graphic Design
Responsible for media and community relations.

Reported on grants and gifts to the organization.

Fostered donor relations.

In the short time I was employed by Habitat for Humanity, I was successful at pitching a a story for Fox 13 News, as well as garnering coverage from various press releases.

Additionally, I planned a new home dedication ceremony and fund raising gala event; The Grande Masquerade Ball raised triple the amount of past endeavors.

Proven Results
Story Pitching Successes
Ring of Fire
"Sweet Spot"
Annular Solar Eclipse
Organized every aspect of gala event. Worked with a graphic designer to create a logo, identity and branding for the Grande Masquerade Ball.

The event tripled past gala fund raising efforts.

Marketed and promoted the event using radio, Facebook, email, direct mail and partnerships.

Successfully solicited sponsorships
try one of these:
........................my customer service project
Skilled PR Professional
Where do I want to be in 20 years?
St. George, UT is my home. Although it hasn't always been. I've lived in Chicago, IL, Palo Alto, CA, and in northern and southern Utah. I am a mother and a professional career-minded individual. I found my vocational path in Public Relations almost accidentally, yet communication and Public Relations is where my passion lies. I hope to use my skills and talents in a meaningful way to contribute to my family and community. I feel that the Cancer Genomics Team is a perfect match for the skills I can bring to further the mission of Intermountain.
I spear-headed a multi-agency effort to host media, astronomers, and the general public for annular eclipse.

Efforts were made to safely accommodate projected 5,000 people in the small community of Kanarravile, UT (pop. 300; no services).

I also coordinated promotion of the "Sweet Spot", by reaching out to media contacts and employed other marketing measures including logo, posters, rack cards, maps, and t-shirts.

Though anticipated attendance was 5,000, public safety officials estimated 20,000 people attended the event in Kanarraville. Nailed it!
Professional References:
(letters of recommendation available upon request)
Ellen Treanor - Executive Director of Brand Strategy - SUU | Maria Twitchell - Director Iron County Tourism Bureau
"Bonnie Char brings a wonderful mix of business savvy and artistic talent to her business interventions. Her business acumen is only matched by her ability to be a team player and her warm and inviting interpersonal style. As she and I worked together, she was always supportive of everyone on the team and was always great on follow through."
Greg Powell
Associate Professor of Management | Director | Center for Executive Development
Southern Utah University
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