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411 Locals

No description

Roumen Todorov

on 13 January 2016

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Transcript of 411 Locals

Company Goals
10,000 additional paid local listings plus website services by end of 2012
1,000 paid websites sold as stand alone in 2012
1,000 organic SEO by end of 2012
Create in 2012 a sales system to produce, retain and make happy the sales force
Create a profitable PPC campaign by end of 2012
Profit targets
Accounting KPIs
Chargeback win rate
Mistakes made in Accounting (Audit)
Number of open invoices
Speed of processing
Saved $$$$
Collections re-run
+20% reserve on Merchant Processing capacity
Customer Service KPIs
Retention % = (this month custs-sales)/last months custs
Referrals = % of customers
Upsales = % upsales vs. number of deals
Collections = % of declines
100% of Customer Realtions calls
100% of Follow Up calls
Dropped calls %
Calls answered in 20 seconds or less
Chargeback %
Activations %
New products/services development
Affiliate/referal programs
Scripts development (Sales and CS)
Sales Process Development
Sales, upsales, cross-sales, retention, win-backs, collections
Successful project fulfillment
Internal and External assets management
Project-based KPIs
Number of sales per agent per day
Sales force happyness index
Achievement of sales goals
Quality of sales
Winbacks as % cancellations
200 websites and 200 organic SEO by phone
800 organic SEOs and 800 Websites standalone sold by online MKTG
Training in Sales (test and before/after results)
Local SEO: Listing on 1st page in 90 days, one person checks all listings 1/mo, bad listings: 1/2 weeks (work on check by software), % of listings on page 1, % of key words on page 1
Organic SEO: check by software, check for 1st page, % of search terms on page 1, set benchmark what is good positioning
PPC: we know we can do it, small trial (AdWord Express)
Web Design: with Local SEO
Social Marketing
Dialers: quality of phone, uptime,
Data Security
Business systems

Recruiting: % turnover, develop a score for quality of appointments
Labor relations: protect Co from lawsuits and disputes, conflict resolutions
Education/training, relocation, parties, birthdays, motivation, awards, sick
Corporate values and culture
Company policy manual, training Managers on policy and relations

Expertise in the Local SEO industry
Over 7,000 customers, 17,000 listings
Telemarketing experience and expertise
85-people strong IT team
Financially stable
Best pricing in the industry

Organizational challenges
Key Management positions empty
Need to relocate to new offices
Overdependence on Kony
Crititally dependent on Google's policies
US IT department challenges

Google changes
Competitors with similar offers
Merchant accounts' chargeback thresholds
Telemarketing decrease of use with online marketing increasing

Google tightening up criteria
Large pool of local telemarketing talent
Very large potential customer base

Spartans organization with Google results.

The most creative and innovative Internet Advertising Agency in USA that provides small to midsize business owners with a diverse, affordable and effective internet marketing services, which includes Local and Organic SEO, Website Design and Development, PPC and social marketing campaigns.

Always growing. Always innovating. Out of the box solutions.

Happy and loyal customer base, ready to stick with us through the bad times and follow us in the new directions when needed.

Happy, successful and very well organized team of intelligent and dedicated professionals, ready to take on the next challenge.
Intellectual property
In-house fraud
QA (BG):
Monitoring, % of total calls listened to (sales CS etc.), agent calls, account transactions, listings checked
Reporting: accuracy % (audit), time delivery
Control the controller in the US
Product/service packages:
local listings with website service
website service stand alone
affiliate marketing
packages with all the above
Sales Startegies:
Sales methods R&D: new press 1, cold call 1-2 mo
Multiple sales teams, offshore inlcuded 2 mo
Sales methods for new market segments R&D 2-4 wks
B2B affiliates (advertiser) phone sales 2-4 wks
Direct mail lead gen R&D 2 mo

Referrals R&D 2-4 wks
Cross-sales and Upsales R&D 1-2 mo
R&D phone sales Process:
3-4 sales agents 100%
Sales Manager part time
IT BG part or full time
Copy (script) writer part time
PM part time
Variable: leads, dialer
Fixed: overhead (office, power, security, insurance, etc.) and salaries
Online marketing R&D process:
PM part time
Online Manager full time
Programmer full time
Designer full time
Variable: leads, affiliate bounty, 3rd party providers
Fixed: overhead (office, power, security, insurance, etc.), hosting, online resources, and salaries
1-2 CS part time, with training
Sales teams development:
1 Recruiter part time
1 Sales Manager
Trainer part time
IT support part time
HR part time
Variable: leads, dialer, recruitment, commissions
Fixed: overhead (office, power, security, insurance, etc.), incentives, salaries
Sales functions:
front end sales: lead gen, cold call sales, press 1, closers, affiliate, no sales,
back end sales team: cross sales, referrals, upsales, winback,

Sales support functions:
Sales Support
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