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Rizal in Japan

Rizal1 group work

Bea Daiz

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of Rizal in Japan

RIZAL IN JAPAN JAPAN > Among the happiest moments of Rizal in his life was his sojourn in the Land of the Cherry Blossoms. He stayed in Japan for one month and a half from February 28 to April 13, 1888. He was charmed by the natural beauty of Japan, the manners of the Japanese people and the picturesque of shrines.

He also fell in love with a Japanese girl, who loveliness infused joy and romance in his sorrowing heart. Morning of Tuesday, February 28, 1888, Rizal arrived at Yokohama and stayed in the Grand Hotel.

The following day, he moved to Tokyo and took a room at the Tokyo Hotel where he stayed from March 2 to 7.

He was impressed by the city of Tokyo. After his arrival in Tokyo, Rizal was visited by Juan Perez caballero, secretary of Spanish Legation.
The latter invited him to live at the Spanish Legation.

Rizal knew that this was the Spanish government’s way of monitoring Rizal but he accepted anyways. > On March 7, he moved out of Tokyo Hotel and lived at the Spanish Legation. He and Perez Caballero became good friends and described him as a young, fine and an excellent writer. During his first day in Tokyo, Rizal could not speak the Japanese language. He had a hard time for shopping for he could not be understood and children laughed at him. With his situation, Rizal decided to study the Japanese language. He was able to speak within a few days. At Japan he studied the Japanese drama, arts, music, and judo. He also visited museums, libraries, art galleries, and shrines.

He visited Meguro, Nikko, Hakone, Miyanoshita, and the charming villages of Japan. During one time, Rizal went to the park and heard the Tokyo band playing a classical work of Strauss. He was impressed by the great performances of the Western music. He thought to himself how admirable their renditions are and wondered how they have assimilated the modern European music to the extent of playing the beautiful masterpieces of the European composers so well.

The band stopped playing and to his surprised they were speaking Tagalog.

He approached them and conversed with them. The musicians were delighted and also surprised to meet him. Rizal was greatly impressed by Japan.

Among of which are the
natural beauty of the country,
the cleanliness and politeness of the people,
the picturesque dress and simple charm of the Japanese women, there were few thieves in Japan,
and beggars were rarely seen in the city streets.

However, he disliked the rickshaws drawn by men. SAYONARA JAPAN AND SEIKO USUI Rizal met a pretty Japanese girl. Her name was Seiko Usui. Rizal fell in love with Seiko.
He affectionately called her O-Sei-San.

Both found happiness in each other’s company. Affinity of interest in the arts paved the way for their romance. Rizal saw in lovely O-Sei-San the qualities of his ideal womanhood—beauty, charm, modesty, and intelligence. O-Sei-San’s beauty and affection almost tempted Rizal to settle down in Japan. At the same time, he was offered a good job by the Spanish Legation. But then, his love for the fatherland and his mission to free his oppressed people made him think again. Rizal’s great love for Seiko Usui and Japan will be memories that he will always cherish, but it was his time to go.
On April 13, 1888, Rizal boarded the Belgic, an English steamer, at Yokohama, bound for the United States. He left Japan with a heavy heart for he knew that he will never see this beautiful land again, so as his beloved O-Sei-San. His sojourn in Japan for 45 days was one of the happiest interludes of his life. Presented By:
Lyra Co
Bea Daiz Timeline of Rizal's experiences in Japan:

28 February 1888
> Rizal, after days of travel, arrived at Yokohama. He registered at the Grand Hotel. He was offered at once the Spanish Legation for his home. In Japan, Rizal studied the habits and customs of the Japanese people, their language, theaters and commerce.

1 March 1888
> He cheked out of the Grand Hotel and entrained for Tokyo and there lodged at the Tokyo Hotel.

4 March 1888
> He wrote Blumentritt about the honesty, courtesy,cleanliness and industry of the Japanese people. However, he also expressed his disgust on the use of the mandrawn jinrikisha.

7 March 1888
> Rizal cheked out of Tokyo Hotel and moved to the Spanish Legation where he was offered free boar and lodging.

15 March 1888
> Rizal first saw O-Sei-san walking past the gate of the Spanish Legation.

7 April 1888
> Rizal wrote his family and envisioned that in the future the Philippines woukd have more contact and relations with Japan.

13 April 1888
> Rizal left Yokohama for San Francisco, on board the Belgic. Sources:
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