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What is Green IT?

It aims to provide an overview of what is Green IT (Green for IT/1.0 and IT for Green 2.0).

Laurent Janssens

on 5 January 2013

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Transcript of What is Green IT?

What is Green IT? It consumes the least amount of power of any Mac and is also designed with the following features to reduce environmental impact:

- Highly recyclable aluminum enclosure
- Mercury-free LCD display with arsenic-free glass
- PVC-free internal cables
- Largely recyclable, low-volume packaging
- Meets ENERGY STAR requirements
- MacBook Air received a Silver rating from EPEAT Use of IT © Sustain-IT - 2012 Needed resources Au
Be Manufacturing Distribution & Sale e-Waste And for other ICT devices? (Belgium) 1 MW = 0,35 TCO2 Green IT 1.0 (Green for IT) How to reduce impact of ICT
on environment? Key figures reduction of 15% against BAU 7,8 GtCO2e Potential global savings of €600 billion ICT is an enabler: Green IT 2.0 (IT For Green) But how to reach these figures?
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