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Images and animation project

No description

Orlando Velazco

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of Images and animation project

What is animation? What is 3D animation and Rendering ? A vector is a line or shape that is described by the location of its two endpoints. 3D animation is a graphic that uses 3 dimensional representation from geometrical data from a cartesian that is all stored in a computer to preform calculations and rendering. 2D is important to 3D due to it needs the 2D image to convert (render) that image into a 3D animation. To animate 3D images also uses frames but unlike 2D, it records object or person movement from motion capturing (mocap). Mocap is heavily used on filmmaking and video games specifically, mainly because it needs actual movement from a real object or person from capturing its physical features from shape, physics, facial and body movement, clothes, etc. 3D animation in a nutshell We use vectors any time we want to draw a basic shape that has to be a certain size or radius. When do we use vectors? First point Drag mouse Second Point Computers and the internet have transformed the world of animated movie making, almost behind recognition. Now virtually anyone with a computer and animation software can make their own animated movie . To draw vectors with coordinates you type a x endpoint and a y endpoint and put the size or radius or the shape. Another way to make a vector drawing is to type in the coordinates and the size of the shape. -One way to make a vector drawing is to click to on one endpoint drag the mouse and click the second endpoint. The x and y coordinates tell you how many pixels to move a endpoint up, down, left, or right. Y goes up and down (Vertical) and x goes left and right(Horizontal). The x,y axis. What is animation?
- animation is defined as making something come to live. Animation is possible by a phenomenon called persistence vision and a psychological phenomenon called phi. The z coordinate is the coordinate you cant see in a 2-dimensional drawing because the coordinate comes straight up towards the user ideal for making 3-dimensional drawings The z axis Cel Animation (Traditional Animation) The term cel comes from the clear celluloid sheets that were used for drawing each frame, which have been replaced by layers of digital media. Examples of programs that use vectors are Computer Aided Design (CAD), Photoshop, and 3-D animation cel animation begins with keyframes. (the first and the last frame of action Bitmaps are a bunch of pixels used to make an image, usually images imported from the internet. What are Bitmaps? Pixels are small dots of colors used to makeup a picture What are pixels? Frames in between the keyframes are drawn in a process called tweening. Tweening is calculating the number of frames between keyframes and the path the action takes. You might have asked yourself what is better to use when working on an animation, vectors take up less space because they don't have the pixels like bitmaps do, but bitmaps already make up a shape with all their pixels and vectors only make basic shapes Vectors v.s Bitmaps Once the tweening is done the drawings go through the pencil test. The pencil frames are assembled and the actually filmed to check for smoothness, continuity and timing. Once the frames have been checked and approved hey are ready for ink & paint. Ink & Paint Traditionally speaking, when the director finally approves the cleaned-up animation, each animation drawing is transferred to a thin sheet of acetate (a "cel")and is then painted in the colors dictated by the original design. In the early days of animation an artist would have to hand paint all the cels. Using new technology,the drawing is first digitally scanned and the colored electronically within the computer. Vector drawings use Cartesian coordinates where a pair describes a point in two-dimensional space as the intersection of horizontal and vertical lines known as the x and y axis.
The x,and y axis are always listed in the order x,y. Cartesian Coordinates Bezier curves or paths represent a curve to give you points on the path, and each point can be moved to any desired shape you want the path to be, they can also be used as motion paths. Bezier Curves Scalable Vector Graphics SVG code SVG animations are made up of different vector shapes and can be used to make moving animations that other people can make changes to the color and the images of the animation SVG's Vectors are tools to make basic shapes like squares, rectangles, triangles, circles, polygons, and many more.

There are a couple ways to draw vectors. What are vectors? text
3d dimensional
Distinctive Buttons to click what are Images Make a outline/draw on a paper
Make A FlowChart/storyboard/index cards
find examples online or from other designers
show people
planning What is this? How to render? most authorizing programs provide tools
Orginizing your tools Rendering starts off with a drawing, then its been scanned to the computer. Once the picture is in the computer, its rendered with a 3D software that renders the image from is texture, the look, and shape that creates the model to look like the specific image. making still images
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