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Journey Through Digital Storytelling

Concluding Assignment

jamie hill

on 24 June 2010

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Transcript of Journey Through Digital Storytelling

My Journey Through Digital Storytelling struggle conceptually tell any story. leave math behind. enjoy storytelling. skills
literacies spread the love. what tech to use. when to apply email to Randy. "I'm thinking Shawn and I are creative and can figure interesting and fun ways to apply storytelling to math. What do you think?" "It’s a new course, so we’ll be building the rollercoaster while we take the ride." http://voicethread.com/#u745530.b892859.i4759411 Think of the story first, then fit the math in. Glogster.com
begins with an Once I was on the rollercoaster, there was no turning back. Before I knew it, Randy was asking me to I learned that digital stories are simple to create. But how will I use this in a math class? I to figure out and http://shaybay94.glogster.com/christmasfrenzy/ My classes and I But, this isn't all fun and games. I have to remember to focus on the I want my students to learn. I secretely imbed skills into the next digital story while my students http://jamiealisa.edublogs.org/2010/04/08/mini-project-reflection/ Now, I am in the flow. I feel comfortable using web tools and digital stories in my classroom. The only thing left to do is Recently, my class was chosen to be filmed by PBS Channel 69. At the time of taping, students created story boards, slides and filmed digital stories. The segment will air on May 20th, 2010 at 7:30pm on Tempo. I also have summer plans to work with a few teachers who are tech enthusiasts. I can't wait to share the knowledge and skills I have learned in MEDU 600 and 601.
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