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John Lee Farris

No description

carly stevens

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of John Lee Farris

John Lee Farris
Early life
Born July seventh, 1936
Parents; John Linder Farris and Eleanor Carter Farris
Raised in Tennessee
Attended Central High School
Wrote Harrison High after graduating
Furthered education at Southwestern University
Novel History
Wrote over 40 novels from 1955 to 2009
Three made into films: Harrison High (Because They're Young), When Michael Calls, and The Fury
First million seller was Harrison High
Also wrote as Steve Brackeen
Interesting Facts
Does not write rough drafts of his work because he doesn't like rewrites.
Doesn't go on book tours.
Doesn't go out of his way to be famous.
Most actors of his screenplay Dear Dead Delilah worked for nothing.
Didn't find a safe spot and stay there.
Short Stories and Screenplays
Short Stories
I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream.
Story Time with the Bluefield Stranger
Transgression: Volume Two
Dear Dead Delilah
The Fury
Inspired many writers
Changed peoples perspective of horror-fiction writers
Showed people that you get farther by being true to yourself
Family Facts
First Wife: Kathleen Drewer
Mother of three kids: Julie Marie, John C. and Jeff Farris.
Second Wife: Mary Ann Pasante
Mother of Peter John ("P.J.") Farris
Has lived in New York, Southern California, Puerto Rico. He now lives in Atlanta Georgia.
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