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Technical Analysis-Big Fish

No description

Erica Reich

on 8 December 2012

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Transcript of Technical Analysis-Big Fish

Big Fish Technical Analysis Literary Elements Exaggeration or Minimisation Repetition Characterization Theme Elements of Symbolism Motif Shot Detail/Space and Composition Lighting Costume and Makeup Set Designs and Props Cinematic Qualities When Edward finds Sandra, the lighting makes their faces seem like they’re glowing. In Spectre the lighting again seemed to make the characters and their surroundings glow, in a bright and vivid way. Spectre represents heaven on earth for Edward, and the lighting shows this well. The bright and vivid set, contributes to the films fairy tale atmosphere the film presents. Some of the props have recurring roles throughout the film. The key is first introduced after Karl and Edward make plans to leave town, but is dropped by Edward as he is about to enter Spectre. It is reintroduced later when Edward finds it on the ground after the flood, in Spectre. The make-up and costume of the circus people, is flamboyant, and shows their creativity and separation from the world. The makeup of the witch, who in the beginning tells Edward and his friends how they will die, is very detailed. He makeup shows how old a decrepit she is, and her dark clothing, adds to the gothic atmosphere presented by the character. The fish eye lens is used frequently in the film. It makes the space seem bigger, and results in a sometimes distorted scene. The bright colours and flawless shots help create the dream like atmosphere of, "Big Fish". The town of Spectre represented the place that Edward always wanted to find but never found at the right time. When he finally found Spectre, he wasn’t ready for it, he wanted to see the rest of the world first.The dark and sinister woods leading to Spectre, the bright and vivid town, represent the hell you must go through to get to heaven.The title “Big Fish” is a symbol. In Edwards small hometown he felt like a big fish in a little pond. So to expand his horizons Edward decides to move to the big city. A motif of “Big Fish” is the journey that Edward is on. Edward is a big fish in a small pond, eager to find a way out of this town, to pursue his big dreams. His journey starts out as a way to fulfill his dreams, but once he meets Sandra his quest is to find and marry her. His journey then continues through Will, who throughout the film goes on an emotional journey rather than a physical one. Will’s quest is to find the truth in his fathers stories before he dies. But in Wills quest to unravel his fathers lies, he discovers the truth in them, and the tremendous impact his father had on others lives. The relationship between father and son is a major theme in "Big Fish". When William was young he looked up to his father, and believed that all of his stories were true. But as William grows up, he believes in his fathers stories less, and comes to view them as fairy tales. When William returns home to see his father he is determined to get to the root of his fathers stories, but instead he finds the truth in them. In finding the truth of his fathers stories, William is able to forgive himself and his father and repair their bond. The entire movie "Big Fish" is an exaggeration. Edward naturally exaggerates events in his life, he does it to make life more exciting and to make up for his mistakes. The story of Will's birth told by Edward is full of fantasy and excitement. While the real story involves an absentee father and an otherwise normal day. Edward exaggerates all of the major events in his life, but each of his stories holds some truth. The woman or fish in the lake outside of Spectre reappears in the film. The first time when is when he is sitting at the lakes edge, he sees a naked woman on the shore, he is later told by Jenny that the woman is a fish, and that she appears different to different people. The woman appears again when Edward is trapped in his car during a storm. The woman represents another possible life for Edward, if he had stayed in Spectre, he would have had a different life, and therefore a different person. Edward Bloom
When young Edward is fit, has blond hair and a positive outlook on life. Old Edward still maintains his positive outlook, but has physically aged, and gained weight.
Edward is a story teller, he takes true events in his life and gives them a twist
Edward is charming and seems to gain the approval of everyone around him except for his son

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